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My Paris Fashion Week Video Blog


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It was fun just walking around downtown and riding the Metro. You'd spot tall, thin, beautiful girls in boots all over the place.

Whenever one of my friends or I would spot one the code word was "F-Week". (Not a terribly inventive code-word, I know.)

We saw a lot of models, but couldn't really identify most of them off the top of our heads.

I didn't actually take many photos of the models or celebrities because... I guess because it just felt a little strange. It felt rude.

I know in the video I said I wasn't going to drop any names... but I guess I can do so as long as I make it clear that I wasn't "hanging out" with these people, I just happened to be at the same party as them. By naming names I'm not trying to make myself seem cooler. I just know this is a community who would find this sort of thing interesting.

The CobraSnake: Super friendly. (I got in one of his photos. My avatar.)

Alexander Wang: Fashion designer. I told him a joke. He laughed. Very friendly.

Henry Holland: Fashion designer, House of Holland. Looks like a fun guy.

Misshapes: The girl, I forget her name, is actually quite stunning in real life.

Mary Kate Olsen: Very Tiny. Cute.

Chloe Sevigny

Milla Jovovich: I saw this pretty girl wearing a Top-Hat. I went over and told her that her hat looked fantastic. She did one of those big squinty Milla Jovovich smiles and said, "Thank you". I said, "You're welcome" and went back to the dance floor. Then I realized who it was I had just spoken to.

Kanye West: As he was walking across the dance floor my friend freaked out, he went up to him and said, "You know Daft Punk!" Kanye looked confused and kept walking.

Lily Donaldson: Some times I think she's a bit too skinny. But in real life, fully clothed, probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Some more models

There were a few other people whose faces looked familiar but I couldn't remember why.

But my favourite people I met there were The House of Dangerkat. It was nice to meet some other Canadians. Amazing dancers. We ripped that dancefloor a new one. In fact (NOW I'm bragging to impress you) one of the models told me that I was an amazing dancer and that her and her friends had been watching me. A proud moment.

Ok, this post is too long.


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