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  1. Happy Birthday, I like your siggy ^_^

  2. Happy birthday!! :fun:

  3. Voted!! His scar is so sexy. lol
  4. hey, sweetie,

    could you vote for Eddie @male models competition thread???

  5. ^ she said the F word on tv? *shocked* LOL.
  6. Very androgynous looking! cute! his hair looks better than mine.
  7. ^ oooh! voted! you can vote as much as you want right?
  8. I love the just cavalli ones! he looks gorg in those, thank you!
  9. LOL, you're welcome guys! and thanks for the pics faget! I love his smile!
  10. I really love her whole outfit! except maybe the huge bag.
  11. Dansk awards! candlebougie of tfs
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