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Sam Webb


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Sam Webb kicked off his career with a humorous bout of jealousy and the rest is history. From Birmingham to a home with London premier agency Select, Sam had some doubts about this mysterious field called modeling, but with a great set of genes and an endless charisma, the path to success came easy.

Where did you grow up?

Sam Webb: In sunny Birmingham in England!

How were you discovered?

Sam Webb: Discovered in Birmingham in my hometown when Dounia my now agent stopped me with my girlfriend! My ex thought she was hitting on me! I had never been to London or even knew that men modeled! Ha!

When did you start modeling?

Sam Webb: When Select invited me to London! Didn’t want to do it! But then I thought I’ll give it a try and see London!

What were you doing before modeling?

Sam Webb: I was at university and working part-time on a building site, digging holes! But I was training to be a boxer like my dad!

What was your first major gig?

Sam Webb: I suppose it was the ss06 Dolce show! I had never done runway before! I was super embarrassed!

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Model of the Month | Sam Webb Interview, Part II

What do you love-cannot live without?

Sam Webb: I love my family and friends, I am a simple man with many vices!

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Sam Webb: That I sleep talk a lot.

List 10 songs on you iPod

Van Morrison – In the Garden (favorite song in the world)

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

White Snake – Here I Go Again

2pac – Temptations

The Killers – Mr. Brightside

Oasis – Cigarettes and Alcohol

Bob Marley – Waiting in Vain

The Verve – Lucky Man

Zztop – Legs

The Streets – It’s Too Late

Paul Weller – There’s No Drinking

Gigs – Look Out

What do you like to do on your downtime?

Sam Webb: I love to meet with my friends and get drunk and go to the gym and hit the bag! Let some tension out!

Out of all the places you have visited, what is your favorite?

Sam Webb: I really enjoyed New Zealand! I have great memories there and the lifestyle and landscape is stunning!

What were you like as a child?

Sam Webb: I was very naughty, I got moved [to] schools when I was young! I couldn’t keep still for a second (still can’t) ha! But my mam was great with me and taught me how to channel the aggression and extra energy, she even sent me to a tap dance class.

What are you doing outside modeling?

Sam Webb:I have a lot of things going on! I still do train boxing but don’t compete anymore! I have also started buying classic motorbikes with my dad and doing them up and selling them! I grew up around motorbikes and it’s definitely one of my passions! It makes me happy that I have the opportunity to do this with my dad! As we never had the money to do this when I was growing up!

Any fond memories from working with a specific photographer?

Sam Webb: The most special shoot for me was with Bruce Weber shooting me and my dad for Vogue Italia! Bruce is amazing as he not only takes amazing pictures, he wants to understand you and bring out the you in his pictures! He is inspiring when he shoots and brings out the best in me! He was great with my dad who had no clue what was going on! I will remember it forever!

How would you sum up your experience as a model?

Sam Webb: I would sum it up as a boy from Birmingham moving to London with his eyes closed and turning into a man with his eyes still opening!





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