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Domenique Melchior

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He is the first Austrian model who gets a campagne for Giorgio Armani.


height: 183 cm / 6´.4.5" inch

size: 50 / 40

shoes: 43-44

chest: 98 / 38.5

waist: 82 / 32.5

hips: 95 / 37.5

eyes: blaugrau/bluegrey

hair: braun/brown

here is a video from an austrian channel about Domenique Melchior, unfortunately it isn´t the best quality and it is in german :(, but it

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Oh thanks again, Mowie!!! and glad u have time at work lol....unfortunately for me, being a teacher, i dont get time to post new pics, but i DO have the time to view what people post....so i give u a HUGE thank u for posting these....and that last one of him smiling???? OMG that's hot!!! heck, they're ALL hot :drool:

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