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Dominic Monaghan


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I loved Dom since Lord of the Rings! he's so cute! and now, as Charlie in "Lost" I have fallen in love with him even more!


Full Name: Dominic Monaghan

d.o.b.: 8 december 1976

p.o.b.: Berlin, Germany

Haircolor: brown

Eyecolor: blue

Height: 5'6" / 5'7"

Spouse: none

Dominic Monaghan was born in Berlin, Germany on the 8th of December 1976 as a second son for father Austin and mother Aureen. He stayed in Germany for 12 years, when he moved back to England with his family. His first big role on television was "Hetty Wainthrop investigates", a detective series where he played alongside Patricia Routledge. He also starred in "This is personal: the hunt for the Yorkshire ripper", "Hostile waters" and "Monsieur Renard", a series with John Thaw, better known as Inspector Morse. He is also no stranger to the stage, playing in "Annie and fanny from Bolton to Rome" and "The Resurrectionists".

He is best known for his part as Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck in Peter Jackson's real-life adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

After doing a big project such as Lord of the Rings, Dominic has starred in various smaller and independent films such as Spivs, The Purifiers and Shooting Livien. He is currently starring in Lost, a televion series which is currently on ABC every wednesday night.

Dominic is also working on a script of his own, together with fellow hobbit Billy Boyd. They are hoping to finish and make the movie in the future.

When he is not acting he enjoys music, writing, surfing -which he picked up while filming Lord of the Rings and football. Dominic is a big Manchester United fan. Because of the years he spent in Germany he speaks fluent German and is also very good in impersonations and accents (USA, London, Scots, Australian, Yorkshire). He is also interested in music and clothing as he is trying to set up a record company and clothing line with friend and fellow actor Elijah Wood.

Dominic is also very conciencious about the environment and he supports many good causes, including Project Last Stand and Future Forests.


- Shooting Livien (2004) ... Owen

- The Purifiers (2004) ... Solomon

- Spivs (2004) ... Goat

- LotR: Return of the King (2003) ... Meriadoc (Merry) brandybuck

- LotR: The Two Towers (2002) ... Meriadoc (Merry) brandybuck

- An Insomniac's Nightmare (2002) ... Jack

- LotR: The Fellowship of the ring (2001) ... Meriadoc (Merry) brandybuck

- Hostile Waters (1997) ... Sasha


- Lost (2004-...) ... Charlie

- This is Personal (2000) ... Jimmy Fury

- Monsignor Renard (1999) ... Etienne Rollinger

- Hetty Wainthrop Investigates (1996-1998) ... Geoffrey Shawcross

and some eyecandy:





Lost promo pics:


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At times he can look wretchedly ugly; at other times, he's adorable. He's like the male equivalent of Kim Smith to me! There's no other way to explain it...

The pictures of him smooching up on his Lord of the Rings co-stars are also alternately cute and creepy...

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