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Sharon Den Adel


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I couldn't believe there wasn't a thread for Sharon... I find her attractive and very talented.

Sharon Janny den Adel (born in Waddinxveen, near Gouda, South Holland, on July 12, 1974) is a Dutch singer and composer. She is most famous for being the lead singer and one of the songwriters in the Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation.

Within Temptation

Together with partner Robert Westerholt, Sharon is one of the founding members of Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. She has defined their work as epic, and cinematic. Her soprano vocals play a major role in the band's sound, but she "never really had vocal training, I taught myself just listening and practicing songs I liked myself" .

Before becoming a full-time musician, Sharon worked for a fashion company, and Robert worked in human resource management. After the success of "Ice Queen," they were forced to leave their jobs. However, Sharon still puts her design expertise to good use, saying, "I have always designed our merchandise. It was something I did for fun and because I have this background. I’ve also arranged the clothing for myself and the other band members. I work with a designer. I like to draw it myself, but don’t want to make the dress or the t-shirt. I have somebody else make it. I just draw it, and finish it up with a designer. I’ll ask the guys what they like for comfort, because comfort is very important when you are on stage. And I know what their tastes are. It’s very easy for me to buy stuff for them or design things myself for them" .

She has stated that her most embarrassing moment with Within Temptation was "the time I couldn't get out of my dress during a dress-change in the middle of a gig. I was backstage changing into another outfit and the zipper didn't want to open. The rest of the band played the intro already three times and I had no choice than to go on stage again with the same dress with the back half-opened and me trying to keep it closed while head-banging and singing. After that song I explained what had happened because everyone expected that something was going on and I got a big applause. With a little bit of tape to keep the dress in place, I continued the show".

[edit] Other bands

She has performed on-stage and in the studio with several notable metal bands, including Aemen, After Forever, De Heideroosjes, and Delain. She sang the part of Anna Held in Tobias Sammet's Avantasia projects. Also she sang the vocals of one Timo Tolkki song, Are You The One?.

Her favorite artists include Muse, HIM, Preisner, Tori Amos, Heather Nova, Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Björk, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Orphanage, Annie Lennox, Enigma and Kate Bush.

She has always said she would have loved to collaborate with Kurt Cobain.

Personal life

Sharon and long-term partner Robert have a daughter, Eva Luna, who was born December 7, 2005. Sharon was pregnant with Eva during the band's The Silent Force tour.

Sharon states that the relationship between her and Robert does not cause any friction in the group as "when you're on the road a lot the band & crew all become one family. So the fact that Robert is my boyfriend doesn't really affect the others." But she has said that, while she is "just one of the guys ... most of the time," when she is sick of being the only girl she hangs out with Debby, the female drum-tech, and they "talk about girly stuff" [4]. If she was to be stranded on a desert island, however, she says she would "take Robert and a guitar."

She currently lives near Gouda, in the Netherlands, but has lived in ten different countries. She has two cats named Haplo and Lola. She doesn't eat red meat.[

Within Temptation Albums include

Enter (1997)

The Dance (EP) (1998)

Mother Earth (2001)

The Silent Force (2004)

The Heart of Everything (2007)

I don't know how to put the pictures in the thread and if I coudl add the music I would I love it...

sharon.jpg Sharon2.jpg sharon_2.jpg sharon_den_adel_55631.jpg SharonDenAdelWithinTemptation.jpg t_Sharon_Den_Adel__Within_Temptation_1.jpg
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