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Claudia Mason


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there was a claudia thread before the great BZ crash of '07

and in it i found out the most interesting thing.

claudia mason is biracial. her agency at the time told

her to pass herself off as latina or italian or white

and just in the last few years has claudia come out

to say what she really is. just another ugly thing about the beauty business

just think, had she revealed her origins, we might not have a thread for her right now

cuz she wouldnt have worked as much :/

from canada's flare mag/bwgreyscale

29lfymt.jpg i703h0.jpg 21dph84.jpg wi7xmw.jpg uld8z.jpg 2it38lu.jpg o550zt.jpg
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alll from herfamedgoodlooks

Kor notice whos with her on the W cover?? :woot:

the vogue cover with the three young ladies is claudia, bev peele and jenny brunt

the brit vogue cover features nadja auermann, claudia,eva herzigova, bev peele

and the last model i dont remember her name, anyone know it, lemme know :)

25183_claudia_mason_c_e_fr_122_184lo.jpg 29509_Copy_of_1993_8_CLAUDIA_MASON__NADEGE_122_229lo.jpg scan0271.jpg v011hn.jpg vogue1.jpg scavullo4.jpg uk.jpg elle1.jpg cm783.jpg claudia_20m1.jpg angie1.jpg
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Wow, Penny...that's crazy. I have to say, I'm sure she isn't the only one. (Nadege, Marpessa, Kimora etc.) I wonder how much of that goes on today. Nonetheless, I believe Claudia's one of the most underrated models...thanks for posting more pics of her! :hug:

I forgot about Jenny Brunt~ (she's pretty, but would never make it past walmart ads today :doofywave: )

Claudia_Mason_chanel.jpg claudia_mason_chanel_1991_.jpg
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