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French manicureee.


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ooo i have nice looking natural nails but idk.. i just like the fake ones so :p

If you can grow your nails long yourself it is probably best to keep them natural and get them manicured that way. I've heard and read that if you keep false nails for a long time the chemicals damage your nails and they become very thin from having to be filed down every time a new false nail needs to be applied. Once you decide to take the false nails off your real nails will be very weak and brittle. My aunt always has false nails and it looks like hers have turned brown underneath. :yuckky: It also makes you prone to fungal infections in your nails.

Gel nails are more expensive and you have to wait for them to grow to get them removed, but there is a much lower risk of damaging your nails.

I have never had false nails myself, so everything I've typed has been taken from other women's experience or from sites with information about false nails.

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.This is one of my favorite manicures. The basic idea of the French manicure is to paint the nails with a white edge and cover the rest of the nails with a colorless polish. This creates a clean and groomed effect that is perfect for everyday wear and office style. In order to get a quality French manicure, you need to properly prepare your nails and use quality tools, including nail clippers. Nail clippers help to easily and accurately trim the nail plate and shape it into the desired shape, which is an important step when doing a French manicure https://www.havidol.com/ And in general I prefer to go to a nail technician, he makes me nails that last a long time.

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