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Parker Gregory

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Name: Parker G.

Agency: Click

Age: 20

Height: 6'2"

Place of origin: Houston, Texas

Ethnic origin: Sicilian/Irish...English

Birthsign: Sagittarius

How discovered: A friend of our family is a model and one day while we were out in Houston, she took me in to meet her agent.

Favorite things:

Family, muscle cars, eating, Superman, sports, sleeping

What you do when you're not modeling:

Spending time with my family and friends, eating, sleeping and enjoying myself, oh and following the carpenter!

Movie you're seeing next: BATMAN

Person who inspires you:

Should I say persons.. my entire family! We all support each other in everything we do. We are all very close and much with love. If I have to choose 1 person, hands down my Memaw (grandmother). After losing a wonderful man, Peep's (grandfather), in

July 2004 she is strong as ever. Still loving and caring for 9 children and 24 grandchildren. She is one hell of a woman! And thanks to her I have been blessed with my mother!!!

5 words that describe you:

Energetic, loud, sociable, humorous, loving

In 10 years you will be:

By God's good graces, I will have a set

career along with a loving family of my own!







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And Wick, thank YOU for all your wonderful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parker is so unappreciated!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks :drool:

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