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  1. Edilson Nascimento Jeremy Santucci
  2. who do you think has the best body? Put his pics here
  3. Name: Alex Agency: Fusion Height: 6'1" Birthsign: Capricorn Place of origin: Los Angeles, California (USA) Ethnic origin: quarter Blue Cherokee Indian, the other 3/4, I'm not sure. How discovered: I got cast for a music video and the casting director hooked me up. Favorite things to do: Skating, sports (football, basketball), playing in my band, listening to music and hanging out with my girlfriend, Denae. Favorite bands: Him (it's a gothic-love kind of thing) Poisin the Well (heavy rock) AFI (goth punk) Linkin Park (rock) What do you think of modeling? It's interesting with all the different people and how many different things you have to do. What make you YOU? I like piercing and tattoos. I have 11 piercings and no tattoos (yet). Anything you want to do after modeling? Right now, I want to pursue music. Models.com Pics from MH
  4. He's Stéphane Olivier You could find him at modelhommes and here u have a link to a Stéphane's fanlisting :) http://fans.girlboheme.com/fan/steph/
  5. Wow!! Thank you so much, great jobs!!!
  6. Thank u!!! I've done this for you. Hope you like it
  7. who you think has the most beautiful eyes? I start with my list : Wentworth Miller Eugen Bauder http://img-s.fotocommunity.com/p/userpic-658034.jpg Tom Welling Please do not hotlink images - edited by persuazn
  8. Thank you !!!! u are very nice
  9. Thanks!! Difficult to choose.... i finally pick the 1# one but i love the 2# too
  10. Ok, hahahahaha, i've read it but i won't ask about it
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