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I thought I would start a thread specifically for recommending resources and other internet sites that are

  1. not specific to any one model, and
  2. either not well-known, or possibly hard to find.

To keep this thread as useful as possible, please only post replies into this thread that contain a link to a site, or a description of the resource. If you would like to thank someone for recommending a resource you've found useful, please consider a Personal Message (which will be welcome, I am sure).

You do not need to recommend a site like nikitaylor.com in this thread, since that site is specific to one model (and could go in her thread). You do not need to recommend a site like The Fashion Spot or Her Famed Good Looks or Wikipedia or Google image search in this thread, since those sites are well-known or easy to find.

If you see that a site which has been recommended is actually loaded with malware or trojans, please flag that post immediately with a reply and notify an administrator. Please do not post links to peer-to-peer clients or networks, or similar resources.

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Mini Mad Mod 60’s

Galleries for Barbara Bach, Barbara Carrera, Beverly Johnson, Candice Bergen, Cheryl Tiegs, Cybill Shepherd (Miss Teen Memphis 1969), Veronica Hamel, and similar. "Hosted by Linda Morand, and several other top 60's and 70's models, including Joan Thompson, Jaan Stephens and Willy van Rooy."


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Runway Revolution

Archive of notable work of models over a size 10, including video advertisements, advertising campaigns, editorials, catalog images, and runway photo and video. The site includes many rare older editorials, videos and advertising photos. Runway Revolution is the only websites with scans of complete issues of MODE, an out of print plus size fashion magazine. Also, the website has an plus size agency directory.


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In Memory of Gianni Versace


Forum with models' work for Versace runway and advertising as well as models wearing Versace in editorials in the 70s, 80s and 90s, organized by models' names. Also has photos of celebrities wearing Versace in editorials, red carpet, public appearances and advertising from 70s to 90s.

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