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Edyta Sliwinska


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Edyta comes from a working-class Polish background and has made many sacrifices to pursue her dream to become the world's greatest Latin dancer. Music was what first drew Edyta to dancing, and what keeps her so passionate about it. Edyta believes very strongly in creating chemistry on the dance floor.

Despite only turning professional recently, Edyta sees herself as a future world champion and her sudden emergence on the professional scene has ruffled the feathers of many of her competitors.

Full of contradictions, Edyta is passionate and disciplined on the dance floor, firm in the rehearsal room but also possessing an undeniably soft side.

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Hey spades!

I forgot to write here about one thing on Sunday <_<

Edyta was on Sunday in the morning in a programme in one of the most popular TV stations.

But after it was said that this interview with her will be in a few minutes, I had to go out, so I couldn't watch it :/

But I could find more info about this appearance if you want to.

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