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Toni Garrn


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Thanks for the photos minus!

btw, do you also think she is a bit similar to Lara Stone? In a way that Toni could be her sweet younger sister :)

and thanks for the video lalala. I could watch only a bit of it now, and fortunately I understood a bit :)

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you're welcome Layla90 !

well because not everyone understands german i'll translate for you :laugh:



S:She is only 16 years old and already incredibly successful and is one of THE topmodels in world. 16 years old and already in the new calvin klein campagne as a ... i dont know to say... lead model i dont know what thats called i'll ask her later. Please welcome toni Garrn !! Welcome!


S:Tell me how tall are you?

T: that's because of the shoes but I'm also quite tall I'm 1.80m

S:1.80m? And you're only 16 years old

T:that's right

S:that means you're still growing

T:yes maybe hehe

S:maybe ... is there a limit for models when they say with 2.30m that doesn't look good anymore?

T:i don't know but i think not. I hope someday i will stop growing.

S:You has been discovered in the public view during the World Cup. There was an agent run over to you and said "you're it"?

T: yes it was during the WC there was a fashionshow in hamburg and I was there with my friend a booker from hamburg came to me and asked me if I wanted to become a model or if i was a model.

S: and then what did you say ?

T: Then i said "no, I'm not" and i never thought of modeling before and never thought i actually could model! then she asked me whether I'll come to the agency and i did it yeah it started very well for me.

S: you are already successful. we have pictures of you that is the current calvin klein campagne.

T: hmm yeah hehe

S:That's great! are those just here in germany or in the whole world?

T:yes in the whole world that's calvin klein

S: this is not an insignificant job right? many models are fighting for it

T: yes. i didn't know it first till my agency told me that i got that job and i didn't know how big it was till now since i saw it in all the fashion magazines. But actually i didn't know it.

S.and how is it in your age to be in the modelbusiness and if you're travelling do you take your parents with you?

T:noooo, i always travel alone

S:no realy?

T:yes i find it better so, because my parents have to work

S:Aren't you scared alone? that a guy comes over and says come on here ..

T:I lived in london and athens with my parents and I find it better alone

S:Do you have time for school?

T:I am normal schoolgirl and also go to school but now i also have to go to shootings but i try to put that off on holidays or weekends.

S:Do you learn while you're on the plane and how long does it take for such a campagne?

T: well, that campagne took 5 days but normaly campagnes just take only 2 days yes i do learn, but mostly i have shootings during my holidays.

S:Do you watch something like germanys next topmodel?

T:no, i dont i dont know the names of the girls in the current season but i watched the last season

S: you're already at the top you cant get more!

T:it would be nice if i can get more

S: do you also get runwayjobs with other well known models?

T:yes calvin klein is one of the biggest shows and there are many well known models

S:Who is one of those well known models?

T:I dont think the people here know them they just know heidi klum and she doesn't walk anymore.

S:heidi klum doesn't walk anymore?

T:yes she doesn't do runway shows anymore

S: oh so i thought she doesn't walk anymore haha she doesn't walk anymore what's happening? This is fashionindustry slang, she does only photos .. So if somone is old and cant walk anymore she can only do photoshootings??

T:no i only meant the fashion weeks.

S:is there an age limit that you can only do photoshootings untill you're 40??

T:no you can do everything and there isn't an age limit

S:do you want to continue the modelling job or do you say no I want doing something decent ?

T:untill now i like it for sure but lets see how long it'll last

S: in which grade are you?

T:in the 11th

S:does mister klein himself decides whos gonna be in the campagne?

T:hes not the Chairman anymore he sold it a few years ago

S:oh look i don't know anything

T:yes the current designer decides it

S:is Toni your real name?

T: no it isn't. My real name is antonia but no one call me like that

S:did you met karl lagerfeld before?

T: no i didnt

S: does he know about you?

T: i dont know but i hop so

S: Who knows maybe you'll be the new ... ehhh ... gina lisa (germanys next topmodel contestant)

T: hahaha yes i heard that name


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