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Toni Garrn


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1) Russel James book probably - will we ever see this?

2) Solid & Striped

3) Shoot with Armin Morbach (Tush?)

[4) Full film / more pics from "Oscar Pistorius"] 

5) Probably ads for Clé de Peau Beauté in NYC, ph. Max Papendieck, hair Neil Moodie

6) Peter Hahn

7) Film "Berlin, I love you"

8) Joe Fresh SS 2018

9) Filming for her charity in NYC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOLpStIimug 14 sept.

10) Shoot in LA with Ben Skervin (2 oct).

11) Another ads for  Clé de Peau Beauté in NYC (5 october)

12) Shoot in Australia (end of October)

13) Calzedonia S/S 18

14) Shoot in LA with Cynthia Sobek

15) Shoot in NYC Dec 6 & 7

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8 hours ago, sore said:

Do you guys think it was one 3 day shoot? or 2 different shoots? I certainly hope for the latter, because LeFloid sounds like something German, I'd prefer something for an international brand or a international publication.

two days of some shootiongs and the third day she spent with a blogger

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Me too! I generally like more edgy stuff, but I like it particularly when Toni is in it. She has been accused of being plain and onedimensional so often, and I don't entirely disagree with it (she does have one or two facial expressions that she puts on all too often), but I think a big part of it is that she's styled the same way over and over again. We mostly see  her in the same kind of shoots, so I think it's really refreshing to see her in different ones sometimes. 

That said, I would have probably liked the Numéro shoot with most models, but she's the perfect casting for it. :heart:

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