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Lera Sheremata


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After reading this "Model beahviour?" thread on tFS I talked with my friend. She was so shocked with this Prada thing. Me too, maybe a bit less-I mean, model is a cloth hanger to show clothes, she doesn't represent herself on the catwalk at all. But from the other side I dislike Prada, so... :p

But me and my friend also agreed that she has sooo beautiful eyes!

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BUMP <_<

Nationality: Ukrainian

Birthday: 1991

Born in: Markov, Ukraine

Agencies: Supreme, Women

Known for: My hair

Status: Rising star

Friends with: Claudia Seiler, Inna Pilipenko, Kasia Struss, Masha Tyelna, Oxana Pautova, Uliana Tikhova


Born in Markov, Ukraine


Signs with Supreme

Sep 2007

Debuts opening the spring Marc Jacobs show in New York

Sep 2007

Opens the spring Marni show in Milan

Oct 2007

Walks the spring Chado Ralph Rucci, Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, and Sonia Rykiel shows in Paris


Patrick Demarchelier photographs Sheremeta for the Moschino Cheap & Chic spring ad campaign

Feb 2008

Walks the fall Jill Stuart, Marc Jacobs, Peter Som and Moschino Cheap & Chic shows in New York and Milan

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:o Oh my i just read the bad model behaviour thing...and part of me thinks its

outrageously funny :rofl:

i agree with you,layla, i cant stand prada... so part of me is like, 'YEAH LERA!!!'

id really like to hear other stories about her

i mean, we only hear the bad, right?

someone cant be that scandalous all the time

even i cant be that bitchy all the time :rofl:

her legs are killer

and her look is soooo sweet.

i hope she hasnt burnt too many bridges

btw, fery said shes with supreme models so doutzen fans wont like her??

what does this mean?

<i dont know alot about all the new girls... so i need translation> lololololol

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oohhh so i suppose id like alot of supreme girls :yes:

and she has her own bag!!!! :o

shes made quite an impression, right?? lololol

i think im falling in model love!!

and youre totally right about that one pic, and her teeth looking

funky. im giving her the benefit of the doubt and assuming that its cuz

shes wearing that wacked out fuscia lippy

i wanted to offer her a white strip :rofl:

but shed probably tell me to kiss her ass!

just like i would!!! lololololol

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