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Looking for a German musician


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I'm looking for a german female songwriter, voice and guitar kind of, with a song, listened to the radio in Germany last week, having a refrain something like this "du vertraust mich, ich vertraue dich". If anybody could help...I'd be very obliged!!! :wave:

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sarah conner?

Sarah's singing in English - always - she's our international girl :laugh:

Was it 2Raumwohnung?

They have a song "Besser geht's nicht" with "Ich vertau Dir, Du vertraust mir" in the hook line.


You can listen to the song at amazon, just click the link, should be working ...

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she's Quite good,but too much sex :ninja:

(sarah conner)

I like her very much, it's just the lyrics of 50% of her own songs sucks (Let's get back to bed, boy etc. :cain:)

And she shouldn't have covered "Sexual heeling" - can't stand that song in the original version either ... but then you don't know how much is ordered by her label/record company ... and still: sex sells - a very important point in the dying music industry ...

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