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  1. Hu~ Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. my faves ^^ Chris_Evans.bmp Chris_Evans__2_.bmp Chris_Evans.bmp Chris_Evans__2_.bmp
  3. rianne ten haken and naomi campbell
  4. in the first pic, she has the eyes and lips of bianca balti but in the second... i think that she is an uique type
  5. Christy Hemme Nicky Hilton Patricia Barros (Ana's Sister)
  6. I did yesterday, and I agree. He's a wonderful violinist! i agree. do you have some new pics of him? everyone is welcome to post some.
  7. you really have to listen to his music. he's not only good looking, his songs are amazing, too!
  8. Some information for you: - Name: David Bongartz - Born: 1980, 4 September in Aachen, Germany - Education: he was four as he begun to play the violin at the age of 13, he recorded two CD's at the age of 14, he got an exclusive contract with "Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft" he studied at the Royal College of Music in London he also did some modeling for paying his studies
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