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First Name:Alicia

Last Name:Hall



Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Blue/green

Date of Birth:1985

Place of Birth:Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Height:5'8" ; 173cm

Measurements:(US) 32.5-23.5-35.5 ; (EU) 82.5-59.5-90

Dress Size:(US) 6 ; (EU) 36

Shoe Size:(US) 7 ; (EU) 39




edited with a bio. - AnaBB Cover

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She is beautiful! :heart:

She reminds me a lil bit of Adriana.

that's why i wanted her to win that old competition apart from the fact that the other girl wasn't that great looking.

Anyways, I'm glad she's still around - thanks for the new pictures impel69!

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ahhh i loved her since day one!

and shannon was also a beauty

but alicia was just fucking amazing sorry but really she was!

she has such a fairy tale story man..a lot like natalia vodianovas i really hope her career expands :heart:

adriana_isabeli i couldnt agree with you more, thats the first thought i had in my mind!

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JRP Success Story!

Alicia Hall

Alicia Hall was the winner on NBC's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search, and she is currently signed with Next.

Graduate Alicia is from JRP Las Vegas..jrp is John Robert Powers school system or something???

anyways these are a bit small but nonetheless beautiful :) !

aliciahall55qw.jpg aliciahall47vp.jpg aliciahall12nk.jpg aliciahall23uk.jpg aliciahall31rm.jpg


blspecialcover23va.th.jpg blspecialcover35ix.th.jpg blspecialcover16zt.th.jpg

blsportsillustratedfinale25mx.th.jpg blsportsillustratedfinale19mw.th.jpg blsportsillustratedfinale32jo.th.jpg <---my favorite!

oh and a little bit of runway too :)


Edited by Dream Angel

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