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Cameron Russell

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Hey! I'm from the US! -lol- I don't take offense over comments like that. Noworries buddy. :hug:

But I was watching tv, and every 4 secs the commercial for John Freida came on. And she's the new face for their Brunette line. OMG! She was the star of the commercial and she was STUNNING! I love this girl.

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sorry if repost

H&M magazine Summer 07

Miss Aussie

scan by me

th_63960_CRHMsummer07missAussie01_122_455lo.jpg post-70-0-1445990111-79725_thumb.jpg

th_63968_CRHMsummer07missAussie03_122_385lo.jpg post-70-0-1445990111-82792_thumb.jpg

th_63978_CRHMsummer07missAussie05_122_799lo.jpg th_63987_CRHMsummer07missAussie06_122_577lo.jpg

post-70-0-1445990111-85117_thumb.jpg post-70-0-1445990111-90397_thumb.jpg

post-70-0-1445990112-46218_thumb.jpg post-70-0-1445990112-78096_thumb.jpg


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ahhh i just found out that this beautiful model goes to my sister's college, which is wellesly college.. and she's graduating the same year my sister is going to!

i think that's so interesting! it'd be awesome to meet her :p!

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