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NCAA Football

Capt Snow

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Michigan is a better team than they showed, they just really sucked on Saturday. :( Robbed two years in a row.

And we are losing Braylon Edwards to the draft, he's the best reciever in the league. Hopefully we make it to a bowl game next year after losing him.

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Hey, There's something I didn't know. That's pretty cool. :)

I learned on the day of the Rosebowl, that Michigan is number 1 in all time wins as well. Which is pretty cool.

Michigan is relatively good every year, I'm not overly worried about next year. Hopefully that didn't just jinx them. :laugh:

I think maybe I'll drive the 40 miles to Ann Arbor next season and check out a game in the Big House, there isn't anything as cool as seeing Michigan play at home. :)

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ALRIGHT, it's time for me to show some TIGER pride. GEAUX LSU!!! #1 college badass team. Don't mess with those boys from the south! Currently ranked #5. They are playing Arizona St. today, and the score is currently 31-35 (LSU). The tigers are also using this year's profits to help Katrina victims. Gotta lov dem TIGERS!!!

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That was an awsome game, only the USC-Notre Dame game was more exciting

How good is Vince Young, he is the only reason Texas won

It was the first time I've seen Texas play this year and he is the real deal, if he goes to the NFL this year he deserves to go ahead of Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart

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