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Emmanuelle Seigner


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Emmanuelle Seigner (born June 22, 1966) is a French actress and former fashion model.

Seigner was born in Paris, France to a photographer father and a journalist mother.[1] She is the granddaughter of the respected French actor Louis Seigner (1903-1991) and sister of the actress Mathilde Seigner. She was educated at a Catholic convent school, and began modelling at the age of fourteen, capitalizing on her beauty. She achieved international status as a professional model. She married the Franco-Polish film director Roman Polanski in 1989, and they have two children, Morgane and Elvis. He directed her in Frantic, with Harrison Ford and later in Bitter Moon.

Seigner appears as the main character in the music video by Death In Vegas "Hands around my throat".

In 2006 she became lead singer of the French band Ultra Orange, and the group's name was changed to Ultra Orange and Emmanuelle.


* Le Scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) (2007)

* Backstage (2005)

* Os Imortais (2003)

* Corps à corps (2003)

* Streghe verso nord (2001)

* Buddy Boy (1999)

* The Ninth Gate (1999)

* Place Vendôme (1998)

* R.P.M. (1997)

* La Divine poursuite (1997)

* Nirvana (1997)

* Pourvu que ça dure (1996)

* Le Sourire (1994)

* Bitter Moon (1992)

* Il Male oscuro (1990)

* Frantic (1988)

* Cours privé (1986)

* Détective (1985)

* L'Année des méduses (1984)

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