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Miley Cyrus


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What I don’t get is how she is dating this 20 yr old guy and no one really makes much of it.

And what’s his excuse, it’s not long he’s ugly, I'm a dude but heck ill say that he’s a stud,

wonder why he choose Miley out of all the women out there..... :dontgetit: :unsure:

I agree, she is just too young for a person who is already in their twenties. I don't get why he wants to be with a girl her age anyways, it makes him look like a perv. :yuckky: I also dont get why her family doesn't seem to mind this either, maybe they are too busy counting the millions she is making them instead of being a parent to her. Thats what a show biz family do to yah, I mean just take a look at the Lohans, ive never seen a family so motivated to getting fame. :ninja: The mother on the show is horrible she just pushes her younger daughter into being a star. Its all too strange.

lmao agreed !^^

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Miley Cyrus was hanging at her hotel pool in Miami yesterday, and we've got the Miley Cyrus bikini pictures to prove it. We also have what looks like a Miley Cyrus nipple slip. However, even though it appears to be a genuine nipple slip, Miley's bikini top string is just barely covering her up, and I guess keeping these pictures legal.

Galery http://dnevnohr.com/Razno/miley-cyrus-nipp...es-sort-of.html



Please textlink or upload images onto a host instead of hotlinking. For more information click HERE. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture

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