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Who's Hottest on Smallville?


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I have this friend that is totally obsessesd with Superman and he has all the movies with Christover Reeve in DVD and five full seasons of Smallville. I was never much of a fan, but I watched all the movies consecutively (the last three were a waste of my time) and started watching Smallville a month ago. I am now on Season 5. The question is: who's the hottest girl on Smallville? Chloe? Lana? Lois? or the orginal Lana Lang, Mrs. Kent? : ) I did a post on Kristin Kreuk (Lana) on my new blog recently (moviestarfashion.blogspot.com). Please come check it out!

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In descending order...



Mrs. Kent


Remember you said hottest. Lana is indeed beautiful. I've never like her character on the show.

However, they've had a few hot costars that has indeed made this show a pleasure to watch. Perhaps another thread ;)

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