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Mike Vogel


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Michael James Vogel was born on July 17, 1979 in Abington, Pennsylvania, but grew yp in the town of Warminster, Pennsylvania. In his early adulthood, Mike spent a year commuting to New York City for auditions to pursue his career in acting and modeling.By the end of the year, he had booked a recurring role on the hit Fox, then WB series, Grounded For Life, which lead him to move to Los Angeles.

Soon after that, Mike Vogel got casted in MTV's version of Wuthering Heights along side Erika Christensen. Not only does he start in the lead role, he also performs musical numbers.

The last few months of 2003 was going to show Mike Vogel his acting abilities with three different roles--A Challenge! In August, Grind, a film about four aspiring skateboarders hit the screen. By September 2003, Wuthering Heights had premiered on MTV. While all of this was happening, it was the first day of October and Mike was going to start working on Havoc, the first day of October. About rich kids wanting to be thugs, but later they come face to face with the real ones!

And soon after that, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) was going to hit theatres. It was promising to being fresh and edgy. Mike Vogel starred opposite an exciting cast of young stars including Jessica Biel and Erica Leerhsen in the film that will introduce a new generation of moviegoers to the horror classic.

By 2004 he had new projects under his belt. He filmed Supercross, The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants and Rumor Has it. Havoc was supposed to come out by 2004 but it didn't happen because of the lack of a distrubutor.? In 2005 he will come out with Sisterhood, Supercross and Rumor Has it.

Mike has a brother and a sister. Two pugs, Orlando and Olivia. And is married to Courtney. (too bad for us lol)




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Mike Vogel

Courtesy of FOX

Birthdate: July 17, 1979

Birthplace: Abington, Pennsylvania

Mike Vogel is quickly climbing the Hollywood ladder, especially for someone who just got their big break four short years ago. Check out the goods on this hot, young star!

Mike Vogel - Staying Grounded

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Mike Vogel started his Hollywood career off as a model. He landed jobs for Levi's and Kohl's, all the while commuting from Pennsylvania to New York to audition for commercials, TV and whatever else he could get his hands on. Finally in 2001, Mike landed the role that would launch his career - he scored the part of Dean Peramotti in the FOX TV show Grounded for Life.

Mike Vogel - Xtreme Movie Star

Mike Vogel used to be involved with extreme rollerblading, so it's no surprise that he got involved with sports movies early on in his career. In 2003, Mike starred alongside O.C. star Adam Brody and real-life skateboarders Bam Margera and Jason Acuna, in the skateboarding flick Grind. In 2005, Mike took on another sports movie as a motocross competitor in the film Supercross. The film also featured peeps like Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill and Aaron Carter even had a cameo.

Mike Vogel - Full Steam Ahead

It would be easy for Mike Vogel to fade away faster than a Hollywood diet craze, but he's not about to become yesterday's news. Watch for him this Christmas in the Jennifer Aniston flick Rumor Has It... and then check him out in the remake of the 1972 disaster flick, Poseidon - due out in May 2006.

Mike Vogel - Did U Know?

Mike Vogel got married in 2003 to a model named Courtney. She took Mike's last name.

Mike Vogel played Blake Lively's love interest in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. No word on whether we can expect to see him in any of the sequels.

Mike Vogel played Heath in the MTV TV adaptation of the classic film, Wuthering Heights.

Mike and his wife own two pugs - Orlando and Olivia.

Mike Vogel likes to chill at home and play his guitar.

Mike Vogel Says...

"We're trying to do something to help the sport, help them go forward with it, and make it look great at the same time," Mike said about making the flick Supercross.

hes hott stuff. :sex: :sex: :sex:

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