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Vera Jordanova


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Was born in Helsinki, Finland to Bulgarian musicians.

She traveled throughout Scandinavia with them during their tours and spent her

childhood in Bulgaria attending elementary school and living with her grandmother.

Vera has one younger sister, Victoria.

Due to the political situation in Bulgaria, Vera’s parents decided to relocate the family

to Finland when Vera was 14.

She started attending a Finish high school for languages.

During the next three years she studied Finnish, alongside with English, French and Russian

and successfully graduated from high school.

Shortly thereafter she was discovered by the premiere Finnish modeling agency and

began to appear in national campaigns, and on magazine covers.

Vera went on to shoot a campaign for cosmetic giant Clarins, with renowned

photographer Gilles Bensimon.

For several years Vera pursued an international modeling career and lived in various

locales such as France, Italy, Spain and South Africa.

While living in Barcelona, Vera attended a contemporary art school, where she

discovered her love for abstract painting, installations and most of all


At this time Vera also started her acting career in Finland where she appeared in a few TV series.

Vera now resides in Los Angeles where she pursues her acting career while continuing

to work as a successful model with Elite Modeling Agency.

Her debut in American cinema will be for the high-anticipated horror movie

HOSTEL: PART II, directed by Eli Roth where she plays the part of Axelle, a mysterious

femme fatale.

Vera is seen as well in acclaimed director Frank Borin’s video for the band

Rocco De Luca and the Burden, whose current album appears on Kiefer Sutherland’s

Ironworks Music label.









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Sorry for the poor quality of the below pics but such à nice girl !!!

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