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Evangeline Lilly


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I'd like to be "Lost" on a deserted island with her!

Date of birth:

August 3, 1979


Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

Vital stats:


Earth angel:

"I love being as close as I can to the earth and nature. I'm not afraid of bugs or animals. I love that kind of stuff!"

Where you've seen her:

She bewitched American audiences as Kate in the ABC hit television series Lost and has also appeared on the silver screen as the spokesmodel for the chat line "Livelinks" and in the TV shows Judgment Day and Kingdom Hospital. Keep an eye out for her later this year in the comedy thriller The Long Weekend.

Crossdressed to kill:

"Every girl has got ying. My style is yang. I always have something slightly masculine about the way I dress. I like trousers better than skirts. I may wear a man's tie with a very feminine outfit, a fedora or a men's suit jacket. I don't like to wear earrings because my ears kind of stick out. I may wear a ring, or anklet, or bracelet or a necklace, but not all at once. I never want to look too perfect, too fancy, or too glamorous."

Girl, corrupted:

"I always loved acting and being in front of people like that, but the industry is so corrupt and immoral. I just didn't know where I would fit in."

Missionary position:

As a foreign missionary, Evangeline has traveled to over 14 countries, including the Philippines, where she lived in a grass hut in the jungle.





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I think she looks so pretty on tv she reminds me slightly like Jessica Pare and Laeticia Casta all in a mix. BUt her pics for some reason dont appeal to me. Her height is stated as 5'5" can anyone confirm this, Because Iread she use to be a model with Ford in BC.

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