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Joseph Cheng


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Name : Joseph Cheng

Chinese name : Zheng yuan Chang (???)

Height : 188 CM (6"2)

Weight : 78 KG

Birthday : 19th June 1982

Education Level : Ren Ai Primary, Wei Dao Secondary, Fu Yuan High School

Blood Type : O

Shoe Size : 12 (UK), 45.5 (US)

Measurements : 40,32, 39

Family Members : dad, Mum, elder Sister

Favourite Color : White & Black

Hobbies : Movies, Surfing, Gaming, Drawing and Tennis

Character : Friendly, Easy Going, Mild Temper, Happy Go Lucky

Favourite Drawings : Abstract Art and also admire "Da Li's" drawings

Specialise : Swimming (Any Style), Tennis, Drawing( Water Art, Comic, Sketch)

Vision : 400+ Degrees

Hair Type : Natural Curl

English Command : Not very good, But picking it up..

Starred in MVs :

Chen Yu Zhen - Guitarist

Jacky Cheng - Present

Ah Sang - A Leaf

Li YU Juan - Embrace doesn't mean everything

Liu Rou Ying - The Guy's Room Opposite

Zheng Zhong Ji - The Tear of a Rose

Starred in Advertisment :

Yamaha Motors

Hui Ji Computers *Poster*

Fashion magazines

Wedding Photos * About 5 albums*

Sweet Memories Jewellery








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