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Kate Middleton


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Here's you some photo's Nemeside. :wave:

I cant say that I have really followed her that much,I feel sorry for her the way the press is talking about her mom embarrassing the royalty and all.Im surprised he stayed with one girl that many years. It would be fun to be a princess as long as everybody loved you,but the paparazzi Im sure she will be glad to get rid of.















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I thought the blue dress she wore to the announcement was very figure-flattering. Attractively breast-separating, intriguingly wrappy-looking and great with heels. But I don't think a man is qualified to judge on dresses (unless he's a gay fashion designer. ;) Wish I could find better pictures.

post-20341-1290084031_thumb.jpg post-20341-1290084047_thumb.jpg

She looks very happy. And he's losing his hair! So I guess everything has worked out for the best. ;)



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Kate Middleton raises a smile... despite spending Christmas without William as his RAF duty calls

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:00 AM on 26th December 2010

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It was their first Christmas as a betrothed couple – but Prince William and Kate Middleton did not spend it together.

Kate was with her family in Berkshire, while William volunteered to be on call with his search-and-rescue squadron at RAF Valley on Anglesey.

It will probably be the last Christmas Kate will spend with mother Carole and father Michael – as next year she will be expected to be with the Royal Family.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/artic...l#ixzz3K3UKotQf

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It would be very hard to follow in Diana's footsteps

Di was very overrated. I think Kate should do her own thing and not follow in anyone's footsteps. As fas as all the charity work the Royal Family does, Kate should look to Princess Ann on that. Anne does 10x the work Diana did and doesn't take every camera man with her.

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