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Taylor Fuchs

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Backstage recently in New York for an AIDS benefit, lovely photo by Kevin Tachman.

There are a couple of him on the runway as well, but I like this one for a specific reason.

I was pondering the photo and it struck me that one of the things I find utterly charming about Taylor is his ability to "turn it off." I know that sounds funny, but this photo illustrates it for me. He can (and does) "make love" to the camera for shoots, and does it well. He radiates intensity, sexiness, etc. But when he's just being photographed like this, he has a delightful *unassuming* flair that I can see in his eyes, as much as anything. The two models in the middle still have the "I'm on camera/gotta look HOT" expression; the guy on the right a bit less so, but ... Taylor looks like a normal guy. He's NOT staring down the camera in particular like he can do in formal shoots. He's just smiling and looks ... normal. I don't know a better way to put it. But he strikes me as someone you could chat with and he wouldn't be checking his reflection (or sifting his words) every few minutes. He'd listen and respond like a regular human being.

And to me, that's what makes him so exceptionally attractive -- he neither works at it, nor (more importantly) assumes it. The SuperGene Fairy was Very Good to Taylor. LOL! He's stunning AND interesting looking. But I don't think that's where he stocks his bottles of personal self-worth. And I salute him for the wisdom of perspective on modeling. ;-)

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from interviewmagazine.com

In our June-July issue, we pay tribute to 20 years of of ridiculously good-looking manly-men that Dolce & Gabbana has dressed. A much-anticipated party on June 19 during Milan men's fashion week will celebrate the brand's anniversary. To honor the evolution of the label and the man, we photographed 20 of the biggest male models in the designers' current collection. With the addition of their signatures, each one transformed a behind-the-scenes Fuji Film Instax Mini Polaroid into a custom birthday card. There's only one question: Who wore it best ?


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Hello everyone! :wave: I primarily hang out in the Mathias Lauridsen thread, but I have recently started looking through the Taylor thread as well. He is one of my favorites now!

Etro posted an online version of their lookbook/catalogue for F/W 10-11, which can be found here: Etro Men's Collection F/W 10-11

I found Taylor on pages:

1 (little one on the right, I think it's him looking downwards next to the boy in the hat..? ), 8 (Twice - leaning against the wall in the green pea coat and right below that next to the guy in the purple pants), and 13 (looking amazing on the runway!)!

He is so elegant and his features are so distinct - I recognized him as soon as I opened the catalogue!

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