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Taylor Fuchs

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i know they find fashion weeks tiring...but i have to admit..i love the prettyness it brings..aw, sorry tay tay :hug: . also sorry for my over use of emoticons these next few days :p ...some words cant express haha... god... :cain: :D , i thought i would miss his light brown hair too much but hes lucky, he suits anything and the dark hair makes him look even more brooding!

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oh haha thanks :trout:

just giving you girls a heads up...

though it was a late one... :/

since he did that shoot and interview in argentina

the ben simon one

hes had his hair in that style their :blush:

with it on the side

i just tried to do it..epic fail

so i put that picture as my wallpaper instead (Y)

It's ok shadow. :laugh:

His hair looks nice like that, I like it. :D :heart:

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