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Found 9 results

  1. HEIGHT 5'9.5" - BUST 31" - WAIST 23" - HIPS 34.5" - SHOES 8.5 US - HAIR LIGHT BROWN - EYES BLUE/GREEN
  2. no bio... Estera Perso we're not sure... Hair: light blonde Eyes: blue / green Height: runway career beginning known: 1990s FASHION SHOWS Haute Couture - spring/summer 1996 {lingerie} Haute Couture - spring 1998 {Torrente} Haute Couture - autumn/winter 1999 {Gattinoni, Hanae Mori, Rosy Garbo} Ready to wear - autumn 2000 {Laura Biagiotti} Haute Couture - autumn 2001 {Chanel} Haute Couture - spring 2002 {Yves Saint Laurent} Ready to wear - autumn 2002 {Chanel} Haute Couture - autumn 2002 {Chanel, Torrente} sources: getty, vogue, @90sModels (probable ID), youtube
  3. Olga Spitchakova Hair: brown / dye: light brown Eyes: green Nationality: Russian FASHION SHOWS - couture* (else) Autumn/Winter 1997 {Saint Laurent*, Saint Laurent rtw} Spring/Summer 2001 {Carven*} Autumn/Winter 2001 {Carven*, Seredin & Vasiliev rtw} Spring/Summer 2002 {Seredin & Vasiliev*} Autumn/Winter 2002 {Carven*} Spring/Summer 2003 {Carven*} Autumn/Winter 2003 {Seredin & Vasiliev*} sorry, no bio; sources: pics found at getty and livingly sites; Povad ID provided by @90sModels here and here2
  4. Diana Petra Czech born in Czech Republic Hair Brown Eyes Blue Height 1.79 cm Bust 84 cm Waist 60 cm Hips 90 cm Fashion shows: Haute Couture - Fall 1994 {Christian Lacroix} Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1996 {Christian Lacroix} Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 1996 {Yves Saint Laurent} Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1996 {Christian Lacroix} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1997 {Roccobarocco} Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 1997 {Nina Ricci} Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1998 {Dominique Sirop,Thierry Mugler} Ready to wer - Spring/Summer 1998 {Jacques Fath} Spring/Summer 1999 {Rosy Garbo,Thierry Mugler} FMD
  5. Mika'Ela Fisher is a German actress , director, producer, writer, model and master tailor = Artist. Mika'Ela Fisher movie L'architecte textile. Mika' Ela Fisher was born in Germany. She obtained a diploma as a master tailor while at the Max Dietl Haute Couture house in Munich. She was nominated for France and showcased her work at the world master tailors' convention ( Congrès Mondial des Maitres Tailleurs) in Paris. She posed as a model for French painters Hubert de Lartigue and Boussignac ; and modeled for many years for the Fashion houses Martin Margiela, Hermès, John Galliano, Gilles Rosier, Undercover, Eley Kishimoto, Naco-Paris, among others. Mika Ela Fisher gained recognition as an actress for her part in the movie ' Tell No One ' directed by Guillaume Canet (as the character Zak, a ruthless killer) " Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit " ("Valiant Hands in the Chaos of Time") is a auto-biographical film in which she is director, producer and costume designer. Victory's Short is her second short film as a director and producer. In her third film Männin (2015), inspired by Martin Luther's Bible, she plays the dual role of Adam and Eve.. http://www.wantedmodels.com/fr/151/mikaela-fisher http://mikaela-fisher.com http://www.chrysoprasfilms.com
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