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  1. Barbara Ferrari Argentina Actrees dancer model
  2. Lau Armella From Argentina Her Eyes.
  3. Name: Priscila Surname: Crivocapich Nacionality: Argentinian Hair: Black. Eyes: Green Place of Birth: Neuquén, Argentina Height: 176cm Bust: 86 Waist: 60 Hips: 90 Size: 36 Shoes: 39 Priscila Crivocapich (Argentinian Model) nipples and thong under a tight micro latex dress in a videoclip: Download: (22,76MB, 1 min 08 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/c9c5o0fcm http://freakshare.com/files/phadnzwu/Pri_Cri_01.mp4.html
  4. Ursula Vargues: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Arsula_Vargues Ursula Vargues (Argentinian model) showing her beautiful tits under a big cleavage on a tv show: Download: (16,83 MB, 0 min 34 secs, 1920x1080, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/stjxws6gc http://rg.to/file/7d02035af9c5bdedcfa64d5bff101a3c/Urs_Var_01.mp4.html
  5. Griselda Siciliani is an Argentine actress. Griselda Siciliani began her career in musical comedy, and took part in the theater play "Revista Nacional". She met the actor and producer Adrian Suar, who took her to play a secretary in Sin Código, a satirical police sitcom where Suar was the main actor. Her character was named "Flor", a nerd that fell in love with her boss, who did not even notice. Griselda won the Clarin Award and Martin Fierro Award as new female artist for this role. She posed for the Argentine edition of Playboy magazine, but she was not satisfied with the production. She worked the following year in the Sos Mi Vida telenovela, and in the musical Sweet Charity. Debbie, her character in Sos mi vida, a shallow woman with many clichés, became more popular than her previous one. During that program she became friends with fellow actress Carla Peterson, and although they did not work together again in the same TV production, they arranged a joint theater play in 2009, "Corazón Idiota". Her first leading role was in 2007, in the teen drama Patito Feo. Her character "Carmen" was the mother of the main character, and the main adult character. The telenovela included musicals and an international tour by the end of the year, so she also had to sing and dance. By that year, her relationship with Adrián Suar became public.The success of Patito Feo allowed for a second season in 2008. She worked in Para vestir Santos, and currently works at the superhero live-action television series Los Unicos. Siciliani is the main actress, along with Mariano Martinez and Nicolás Cabré. Although Nicolás Cabré plays his former character of "Axel Etcheverry" from the Sin Código, 2005 telenovela, the character of Siciliani is unrelated to her former character of "Flor". This time, she plays "María Soledad Marini", a stealth agent with superhuman strenght. Griselda Siciliani (Argentinian Actress) in catsuit showing her ass while she is doing a pole dance: Download: (40,19 MB - 1 min 59 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/rerulrheh http://rapidgator.net/file/d50b14bded238d5265d5487a26bda73c/Gri_Si_01.mp4.html
  6. Sofía Reynal Full Name: Sofía Reynal Nationality: Argentinian Hair color: Brunette Eye color: Brown Date of birth: Place of birth: Argentina Height: 5'9"; 175cm Measurements: (US) 32-24-34; (EU) 83-61-89 Dress size: 8 Shoe size: (US) 8; (EU) 39 Agencies: Wilhelmina Models - New York/Miami/Los Angeles, Karin Models Paris, Look 1 Model Management, Modelwerk, Chic Management Links: Instagram, Twitter
  7. Florencia Peña (Argentinian actress): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0679167/ in bikini, is spied until she gets naked on a tv serie: Download: (20,59 MB, 1 min 29 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/ycyu06ky1 http://rg.to/file/94f0cf568dcbab2fd7ade137ac889f61/Flo_Pe_01.mp4.html
  8. Alejandra Maglietti (Born Oct. 27,1985) Alejandra Maglietti is a glamour model and a presenter from Argentina. She appeared in Playboy.
  9. Monica Farro: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%B3nica_Farro Monica Farro (Argentinian Vedette) wearing a tight spandex on a tv show Download: (17,37 MB, 0 min 22 secs, 1920x1080, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/9zi59y5kx http://rapidgator.net/file/2e2ad123274d23dad6f2349e6e8b45b6/MO_FA_01.mp4.html
  10. Alina Daniela Moine (Rosario, October 9, 1979) is a sports journalist and model from Argentina. Currently working on Fox Sports, which leads Central Fox and sent special Dakar Rally, and on Channel 7, which leads Football Allowed. She studied speech at ISET (Institute of Technical Education) in the city of Rosario. She began her career in 1998. Her first major appearance was as a journalist in the football field of a team from that city. In 2004 she joined Fox Sports. Trajectory 2004-2011: Fox Sports News, on Fox Sports (Latin America) 2004: American daily in Latin channel 2008-2009: Fox Sports 360 on Fox Sports 2010: Titi & Bennedeto on Fox Sports 2011: Dakar Rally Special Envoy Fox Sports 2011 -: Central Fox in Fox Sports 2013: Football Permitted, on Channel 7 (Digital Public TV) Alina Moine (Argentinian Model and Journalist) + others Argentinian Celebrities, wearing thongs & underwear in a back of a photo session: ALINA MOINE - PATRICIA SOSA - EUGENIA TOBAL - YESICA TOSCANINI Download: (60,76 MB, 3 min 03 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/oopce8p27 http://rg.to/file/89a41e4eec224f938fb73a046f476533/Al_Mo_01_(thekid-videos).mp4.html
  11. Claudia Fabiana Fernández Viera(born on June 22, 1976, in Punta de Rieles, Montevideo) is a Uruguayan award-winning TV Hostess, fashion model, and actress, known for her work in Uruguay and Argentina. Fernández is also an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Claudia Fabiana Fernández Viera was born on June 22, 1976, in the barrio of Punta de Rieles – Bella Italia, in Montevideo, Uruguay, and was raised by her father Fernado Fernández, a mechanic and her paternal-grandparents, Irma & Juan Antonio Fernández. Frenández attended two nun schools: Sagrado Corazón de Jesús College and Liceo Vedrana, both form a single educational institution. She later when on to study at the Uruguayan Institute of High Fashion, taking on the career of high fashion and couture designer clothing. She has four siblings: Mariana, Fernando, Adriana and Karina, and has three nephews, two born in 2009 and the oldest is a girl named, Agustina. Claudia is currently living in the capital city and state of Argentina, Buenos Aires. She got married to Argentine businessman Leonel Delmónico on April 24, 2009 in Buenos Aires and on June 5, 2009 in Montevideo. On November 6 of the same year Fernández gave birth to her first child named, Mía Elena. Career modeling Her beginnings in the world of fashion began when she was 15 years old and a photographer discovered her arm walking with her grandmother, Irma by Avenue July 18th next to the cinema of Censa. She began working as the model for María Raquel Bonifaccino & Carlos Cámara, soon after her figure started to appear on Channel 4(Uruguay). Currently she also ranks among the books of the model agency of Diego Ríos. Fernández has modeled for Caras(Argentina), Playboy(Argetina and Uruguay) and Gente(Uruguay),among others. Theatre Fernández is currently in the theater comedy, "Cirugía para Dos" in Villa Carlos Paz since late-2012. The show is led by actress-comedienne, supervedette and creator of the comedy, Florencia de la V and dancer, choreographer and theater director, Aníbal Pachano as well as vedette cómico, actress and model Silvina Luna, Playboy model Micaela Breque and actor-comedians Alejandro "Huevo" Muller, Matías Alé and Gladys Florimonte. 2009-2010: Fortuna - (Lead Actress and Vedette) Alongside Ricardo Fort, Claudia Ciardone and Virginia Gallardo. 2010-2011: El gran show - (Second Vedette) 2010-2011: Furtuna 2 - (Lead Actress and Vedette) 2011: La Magia del Tupilán - (Actress) - (Uruguay) 2011-2012: Gemelas - (Lead Actress) - (Uruguay) Alongside Gladys Florimonte. 2011-2012: Que Gauchita es mi Mucama - (Lead Actress) Teatro Astros (Buenos Aires) 2012: La Magia de Claudia - (Montevideo) 2012-Present: Cirugía para Dos - (Supporting Actress) - (Villa Carlos Paz) Television Animales sueltos: (Canal América - Argentina) - Panelist Garage: Panelist Bendita TV: Sunday 21:30 hrs (Canal 10 - Uruguay) - co-hostess Jungla mágica: Sunday 11 hrs (Canal 10 - Uruguay) - co-hostess La Magia de Claudia: Saturday 11 hrs (Canal 10 - Uruguay) - hostess/entertainer La Pelu: Monday to Thursday, 12 hrs (Telefé - Argentina/ Canal 4 - Uruguay) - Supporting Actress AM: Monday to Thursday, 10 hrs (Telefé - Argentina) Bailando 2007 In 2007 Fernández entered in the fourth season of ShowMatch with Maximiliano D'Iorio as a replacement for the Argentine actress, vedette and comedienne, Iliana Calabró in the re-entry round. She was eliminated in the 22nd round. Bailando 2008 Claudia Fernández participated in the fifth season of Bailando with Julian Carvajal as a replacement for the Argentine vedette and model, Eliana Guercio in the re-entry round. She was eliminated in the 26th round, having danced only 2 rounds. Claudia Fernandez (Argentinian Model and Vedette) wearing a bikini in a back of photo session Summer'13: Download: (16,72 MB - 1 min 27 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.com/files/3dqlo5gvd http://freakshare.com/files/gn42yslj/Cla_F_01.mp4.html
  12. Erika Mitdank (Argentinian model) sensual and sexy for Playboy TV. Argentina (Nov.2011): Download: (53,42 MB, 2 min 49 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/b0nbpevmq http://rapidgator.net/file/52439d8da26527376ce7f0c81f19d5a6/Ek_Mi_03.mp4.html
  13. Photographer: Anibal Vecchio Model: Martina Rousseau
  14. Pamela Carolina David Gutiérrez is an Argentinian actress and model. She was born in Córdoba, Argentina, on October 6, 1978. She found fame in the reality TV show El BarTV 2. David currently works as a co-hostess in an America TV program called "Desayuno Americano". Contents Personal life Pamela David is the daughter of DyD owner/producer Alberto David.[2] The family later moved to Santiago del Estero where Pamela entered many beauty contests and won the regional contest for the 'Tourism Queen' contest, later winning the national title be crowned 'National Queen of Tourism in Argentina'. David moved from to Buenos Aires in 1998 to study enterprise management. Uninterested by her university studies, David dropped out of university, so that she could focus on a modeling career. Pamela David gave birth to her first child on 27 January 2008, a boy named Felipe. Felipe's father is Argentinean professional basketball player Bruno Lábaque. Career Pamela David shot to fame in the second series of the reality TV show 'Ricardo Piñeiro Modeling Agency' (The Tavern) in 2001. This exposure brought her to the attention of the Argentine edition of Playboy magazine, for whom she became a cover model. During 2001 and 2002, Pamela David participated in the comedy programme of Guillermo Francella "Poné a Francella". She also worked on "La Peluquería de los Mateos" with comedians Pablo Granados and Pachu Peña. Since then, David has worked in theatre and posed for several magazines, including nude for Playboy magazine in Argentina. In 2004, she hosted the erotic program "Pamela Sex", which aired for Playboy TV cable signal. In 2005, David appeared in two episodes of the Noche de Juegos and an episode of De Pé a Pá as herself. David has also done work as a TV presenter on the TV series Fuera de Foco. David has also some acting roles to her credits, providing the Latin voice for Pamela Anderson's animated character Stripperella in the series of the same name. David also played the role of Rosario in the Argentine telenovela Doble Vida in 2005. David is also famed for playing Wonder Woman in a popular commercial for Mexican superstore 'El Palacio De Hierro'. In Chile, during February 2006 she was invited by Canal 13 to the programme La Movida del Festival where she served as a panelist and judge at the XLVII International Song Festival of Viña del Mar. David also appeared on the cover of the famous Spanish magazine Interviú, in which she posed topless and nude. On March 3, 2008 she married Bruno Lábaque, outstanding basketball player of Club Atenas de Córdoba and the father of her son Felipe. The religious ceremony was held in the parish of Villa Allende and the party in Unquillo, both towns in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. In the theatrical season 2008-2009, Pamela worked with Nito Artaza in the play "Dancing with Cobos." On March 11, 2010, announced her separation in the programme that hosts (Animales Sueltos) In 2011, and currently she hosts with Diego Pérez, the morning programme of América TV Desayuno Americano. Pamela David (Argentinian Model) with her big tits, wearing tiny shorts in a back of photo session: Download: (29,75 MB - 1 min 50 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/ca30ug0gm http://rapidgator.net/file/96e3e7a463fea37fed2043243dc15fca/Pa_Da_03.mp4.html
  15. Amalia Granata was born in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe began working as a model at a young age. His rise to fame came after he testified that he had an affair with Robbie Williams, during the tour that the British singer performed in 2004 and took him to visit Buenos Aires. From there, represented by Leandro Rud, made major parades and campaigns in Argentina (Giordano Punta del Este and Viña del Mar, Stairways of Mar del Plata, Pinamar fashion show, etc..) In her modeling career made numerous campaigns: One Step, Yarbik, Maureen Dinar, Kees Von Kees, Natubel, Body Sculp, Nodai Fishnet, Gorsi Jeans Amalia Granata's popularity grew to the point that he was summoned to appear in magazines and TV shows, not only in Argentina but also from neighboring countries, especially Chile, where he lived and worked: still image of the brand, Beer Glass, in the summer 2006 for 3 months. In Chile was convened by the production of the REC program, which was developed as a segment notera MisionSEX calling. On completing the program started working as morning panelist Chilean intruders. During his stay, he also made multiple parades and events in Santiago and throughout the interior. In May 2007 he joined the reality show Celebrity Big Brother 2007 Argentine television channel, Telefe. In the middle of that year, he moved to Romania together with the footballer Cristian Fabbiani. A few months back again to Argentina, separate Fabbiani, with whom she had a daughter named after Uma, who was born in 2008 in Rosario. Later, she returned to her modeling work and in May 2009, was on the cover of Playboy magazine where he performed nude. On May 30 of that year she was invited by the Chilean TV channel, Chilevisión, the program Chilevisión Theater, starring opposite the actor Chilean Patricio Torres in the work: Husband to two bands. She was elected two times person of the year of People magazine in 2009 and 2010 and leading figure of 2009 in the city of Rosario by Rosario 3.com site In the summer of 2009 did theater season in the play Mister New York, directed by Carlos Evaristo. A panelist of the Argentine program, a perfect world led by Roberto Pettinato, for America 2 screen. In 2010 participated in the contest program Showmatch Dancing for a Dream, Channel 13. Also in that same year participated in Radio as a weekly columnist in the program worth 97.5 Viviana Canosa. In 2011 led Zapping Telefé daily with Horacio Cabak. Since December of that year until April 2012 he served as a judge of the hit Reality "Dreaming x Dancing" broadcast on channel 13. Accompanied until early July 2012 to Guillermo "El Pelado" Lopez in "Before it's too late" for America 2. Amalia Granata (Argentinian Vedette) wearing leggings, spandexs and lycras in a back of a photo session Summer'13: Download: (15,71 MB - 3 min 16 secs - 480x360 - MP4) http://depositfiles.com/files/026dbd0ko http://freakshare.com/files/4yltrgbf/A_G_02.mp4.html
  16. Eugenia Tobal (Argentinian Actress and Model): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0867813/ wearing thongs and underwear, alone in a backstage: Download: (13,43 MB, 3 min 53 secs, 640x360, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/6h5a0j5km http://rapidgator.net/file/91579d8e24d55ccadca9622fa4b15e65/Eu_To_01.mp4.html
  17. Emilia Attias Date of birth: 1986 Place: Buenos Aires Height: 1,70 Measures: 95-59-99 Hair: dark brown Eyes: green Occupation: model Video: caps: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/emm0.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/emm1.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/emm2.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/emm3.jpg video: http://rapidshare.de/files/9606727/emm.zip caps: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/18...600/Emilia1.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/18...600/Emilia2.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/18...600/Emilia1.jpg video: http://rapidshare.de/files/9605527/Emilia.rar caps: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea20.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea21.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea22.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea23.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea24.jpg video: http://rapidshare.de/files/9605802/ea2.zip caps: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea120.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea121.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea122.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea123.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/ea124.jpg videos: http://rapidshare.de/files/9606521/ea12.zip
  18. Sofia Clerici, 24 years old, is advertising model and playmate from Argentina. A brunette full of tattoos and curves. In the summer she won the contest soon Wet Wet T-shirts: leaving all modesty aside and encouraged her shirt up and showing her boobs. Sofia Clerici (Argentinian Playmate and model) doing pool dance in micro shorts and micro thongs: Download: (19,38 MB - 1min 39secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles....files/k3prinsxd http://freakshare.co...S_C_08.mp4.html
  19. Sofia Pachano (Argentinian vedette): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4749613/ in tight lycra shorts in a photo session: Download: (29,09 MB - 1 min 17 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/5i5k923gp http://rapidgator.net/file/a086e405a9269f1dde17381d61e1c2b3/Sof_Pac_01.mp4.html
  20. Natacha Jaitt: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1979211/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 Natacha Jaitt (Argentinian model) as Catwoman in a bodypainting, showing nipples and wearing a thong for a photo session: Download: (16,38 MB, 1 min 07 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/60byvasly http://rg.to/file/8dcf2c9c89132927dcf86292ab54c006/Nat_Jai_01.mp4.html
  21. Romina Gaetani was born on April 15, 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an actress, known for Herederos de una venganza (2011), Botineras (2009) and Chiquititas (1995). ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0300677/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm)ro Romina Gaetani (Argentinian Actress) wearing a thong in a comercial spot & backstage: Download: (27,14 MB - 1 min 57 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/qblg5mazo http://rapidgator.net/file/56807313de6c83c126934a62577b6351/Ro_Ga_01.mp4.html
  22. Solange Gomez Abraham: was born on December 30, 1988, in Tucuman. She was the second child of Ruben Gómez y Norma Abraham. Her sister, Noelia, appeared in several TV shows while Solange was in the house, and said that she was "a wonderful girl, full of life" Before being famous she graduated and began working as a chef. At the age of 19, she won a beauty contest in Tucumán. Solange attended the Big brother's casting in early 2011 and she was finally chosen to participate. The show was first aired on Telefe on December 12, 2011. It was again hosted by Jorge Rial and Solange was the 14th entrance. She quickly became one of the favourite contestants due to some discussions that she had with her housemates. After a difficult nomination she was evicted on April 17, becoming, until now, the women that has survived the longest amount of days in a BB edition held in the Western Hemisphere by surviving 127 days. She was the last eliminated. In September, it was announced that Solange had been cast in the new comedy series Todas a mí, playing the part of Katty, an innocent and bitchy model who lives with other girls in a model agency Solange Gomez Abraham (Argentinian Model and Vedette) wearing fuxia's spandexs in a videoclip and backstage: Videoclip: Download: (25,37 MB - 1 min 44 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles....files/j9n5lt621 http://freakshare.co...G_A_04.mp4.html Backstage: Download: (20,91 MB - 1 min 26 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles....files/9aqc4n0nk http://freakshare.co...G_A_05.mp4.html
  23. Rocío Igarzábal (born August 24, 1989; in Buenos Aires), also known as "Rochi Igarzábal", is an Argentine actress, singer and model. She the best known for her role of Valeria "Vale" Gutiérrez in television series Casi Ángeles, and also participated in its soundtrack albums Teen Angels 2 and Teen Angels 3 In 2010, Rochi is the new to make up Teen Angels (together with Lali Espósito, Peter Lanzani, Gastón Dalmau and Nico Riera); she replaced Eugenia Suárez in the series band Teen Angels. Rocio Igarzabal (Argentinian Model and Actress) wearing tights skirts, shorts and jeans in a backstage of a photographic session Summer'13 Collection: Download: (67,24 MB - 3 min 28 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.com/files/hy21xu8uh http://freakshare.com/files/pav9hm34/Rocio-Igarzabal_01.mp4.html
  24. Eugenia Lemos: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3729739/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 Eugenia Lemos (Argentinian Model) hot & sexy, wearing tights shorts and a dress in a photo session: Download: (49,19 MB - 2min 56secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/9f10kbg70
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