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  1. I wouldn’t expect so much dropping of the viewing rate. Most of these people reporting they don’t watch the show or try to get people not watching never did anyway. Probably there‘s going to be a decrease but not as big as some people are hoping. As for the person who tells that the FB isn’t worth one million dollar... not sure if you can say it without really seeing and inspect it. Based on pictures and information VS give you can probably not decide whether this is the price of all the diamonds and stones or not. Maybe I‘m being naive here, but I feel like there are a lot of people trying to just give VS negative press because of Ed‘s stupid answers.
  2. I have to read over 100 pages already and need to go to work first, ugh. But some thoughts: I feel like this years show includes some really beautiful looks, based on the pictures I liked most outfits in Celestial Angels (but wtf are those puffy jackets???) Parachute wings ....please VS don't ever do this again. Also I don't see the point in putting them in so many clothes, it's a LINGERIE show, omg didn't Mary understand this? Also I think it's nice they are trying out some things like the rain and watery looking runway. I couldn't really understand it being paired up with Celestial but I think it looked really nice. In general the only segment I really dislike was the Mary K(whatever) collab which I knew the second I saw the first pictures weeks ago (i didn't look too much into PINK now) And the make up was reeally good this year!
  3. I feel like everyone's more discreet this year. Especially the angels.
  4. shame on me too cause I thought the same. the make up is doing magical things.
  5. Are they putting extensions on ALL of the girls??? 😧
  6. Stop it i‘m trying to forget about Alexina and her .....behavior (let’s just call it this way)
  7. But at least, Jo‘s monstrosity outfit unites BZ users 😀 And I mean this in a very good way. she should have just jumped out of the window with this parachute and bury it somewhere as far as possible.
  8. Poor Josephine. Not even she can bring on a smile for this outfit. She looks so much like „you guys are srsly giving me this stupid ...thing“
  9. First of all YAY for Elsa to get the FB I feel like the problem with the FB is that from the first pictures... if there wouldn’t be a comment that this is the actual FB it‘s easy to think it‘s just a bra and nothing „special“ cause you can‘t see the difference. And since this one is definitely seen-through they‘ll get a bra underneath which will make it look even more normal. For me FB needs to be outstanding. It‘s beautiful but I wouldn’t think that‘s the FB
  10. might be too stressful. They're getting ready and have to do 2 shows, tomorrow should be dressed rehearsal. It has to be today
  11. I don't think they'd do that. FB involves a lot of press and attention. Which they just need right now
  12. +1 They have so many things to do. There's still some fittings going on and probably need to take care and looks at the venue, so everything's okay over there. Might be too stressful to put everything in the afternoon
  13. I need to go to work in 40 minutes... ahh, please VS, we've waited so long!
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