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  1. soar

    Vlada Roslyakova

    I made a VLADA new video hope your like
  2. soar

    Eugenia Volodina

    Guys ! look what i found! i found a short video from youtube is eugenia in the Ferragamo campaign!
  3. soar

    Age model competition

  4. soar

    Eugenia Volodina

    I made a new vid again! XD it's eugenia at carolina herrera and backstage! hope's your like it! )))
  5. soar

    Eugenia Volodina

  6. soar

    Eugenia Volodina

    Hey guys! I made a new Eugenia video! Hope your like!
  7. soar

    The best high fashion model

    Of course Eugenia X3
  8. soar

    Eugenia Volodina

    http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=_bkUmY8SOTQ Eugenia vid made by me~ This my first time made video~hope your like!
  9. jman

    Happy Birthday!

  10. soar

    Eugenia Volodina

    Thanx szarik! I hope she will be in Haute Couture ss08
  11. soar

    Superior Models challenge

    Bruna X5 Coco X5