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  1. i wanted something badass to match my leather jacket and tattoo. no im joking. idk why, just happened. i do regret it, now i just smoke once a week. tops.
  2. yes, the world, just having an offday are you naked?
  3. I doubt she's going to walk a lot of shows... she's not that into shows anymore i guess, since she has the l'oreal contract she doesn't need them anymore.
  4. that was a pic from a long time ago, when she was 18 i guess, at a tommy hilfiger show. anyways, her eyebrows just looked like that, she was more blonde back then.. her hair has darkened, really. my hair used to be more blonde as well...
  5. right now i smell like sweat, i've worked out ..
  6. well, we have to make this cover for a mag.. and i'm using that picture of kim, i think it's great
  7. you are the BEST! I've been looking for that pic with the bonbon (or whatever) for ages! it's for my artclass Thank youuuu
  8. yeah.. that's too bad, models allways go 'wooh' about themselves .. but i don't know, maybe if i would react the same, perhaps it's something you get infected with? but i think she would be perfect to play the part of serena van der woodsen in the movie of the gossipgirl series..
  9. wow.. mathias nearly put me in a coma..
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