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  1. vsobsessed

    VS Model's ID

    Help with the brunette next to Erin? Victoria Lee? Georgia Fowler? I can't tell
  2. New VS via modified vsbrowser She's an angel
  3. Some of these may be reposts, but I didn't see them so I thought I'd share She's so gorgeous!
  4. vsobsessed

    VS Model's ID

    I saw this model identified earlier, but I'm not sure the name was right. Recheck? I've only seen this one once.
  5. vsobsessed

    VS Model's ID

    I tried looking at the last 20 pages or so but couldn't recognize her face. Can someone tell me who she is? Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Prettyphile! That was a fast ID!
  7. I found her on the Victoria's Secret website. I think the first two at least are of the same model. Maybe the third one too? Is that Danielle Dwyer? I can't tell for sure Thanks!
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