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  1. from German Vogue by Albert Watson my scan
  2. Linda for American Express from Vogue US november 1990 my scans
  3. Great dance from which movie are this scene?
  4. New York magazine 1988 february 29 source google books New York magazine
  5. New York magazine 1987 june 29 source google books New York magazine
  6. Stephanie editorial from New York magazine 1987 june 1 source google books New York magazine
  7. Cordula ads from Vogue US November 1990. My scans. HQ please more attention to Cordula, very unusual model
  8. from my collection, my scans. All pictures previously posted, but these ones are probably from another magazines. Source of the pictures are in filename (MC = Marie Claire)
  9. for holylot, from Victoria's Secret 1992 Fall catalog
  10. Paulina from ebay found earlier. All pictures from various Vogue Is it Paulina on the first picture?
  11. thanks for your posts!

  12. Karen with Christy, Carla, Linda & ? from L'Officiel 1992 source: Jalougallery
  13. Many thanks Frenchkiki for yor work. I think your scans is best of Laetitia in the web now. Thanks again.
  14. First of all loveliness not lovliness. Definition of loveliness: Noun 1. loveliness - the quality of being good looking and attractive Go ahead!!!!!
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