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  1. {name}

    Rosemary McGrotha

    from German Vogue by Albert Watson my scan
  2. {name}

    Linda Evangelista

    Linda for American Express from Vogue US november 1990 my scans
  3. {name}

    Carole Bouquet

    Great dance from which movie are this scene?
  4. {name}

    Stephanie Seymour

    New York magazine 1988 february 29 source google books New York magazine
  5. {name}

    Stephanie Seymour

    New York magazine 1987 june 29 source google books New York magazine
  6. {name}

    Stephanie Seymour

    Stephanie editorial from New York magazine 1987 june 1 source google books New York magazine
  7. {name}

    Cordula Reyer

    Cordula ads from Vogue US November 1990. My scans. HQ please more attention to Cordula, very unusual model
  8. {name}

    Paulina Porizkova

    from my collection, my scans. All pictures previously posted, but these ones are probably from another magazines. Source of the pictures are in filename (MC = Marie Claire)
  9. {name}

    Stephanie Seymour

    for holylot, from Victoria's Secret 1992 Fall catalog
  10. {name}

    Paulina Porizkova

    Paulina from ebay found earlier. All pictures from various Vogue Is it Paulina on the first picture?
  11. thanks for your posts!

  12. {name}

    Karen Mulder

    Karen with Christy, Carla, Linda & ? from L'Officiel 1992 source: Jalougallery
  13. {name}

    Laetitia Casta

    Many thanks Frenchkiki for yor work. I think your scans is best of Laetitia in the web now. Thanks again.
  14. {name}

    Laetitia Casta

    First of all loveliness not lovliness. Definition of loveliness: Noun 1. loveliness - the quality of being good looking and attractive Go ahead!!!!!