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  1. You work too hard posting stuff, have a flower :flower: 


    Au moins, vous ne vous ennuierez pas


    (if Google translate fucked it up I apologise :ninja: I haven't learned/spoken french since Grade 8)

    1. Sunshiine


      ahaha Yeah I'm over posting right now cause I have been away the last few days :tongue:

      No the sentence is well written! :flower: except maybe the tense of the verb. It's the future tense :tongue: 

    2. Limerlight


      I'll future tense you into a poutine date dinner meeting casually running into you :ninja:  :rolingpin: But that explains the posting spree :p 


      Only thing I remember is:  Quelle est la date,  And some of the numbers :ermm: and however you say please

      S'il vous plaît something like that :ninja: 

    3. Sunshiine


      Poutine date sounds amazing !! :chicken:

      Please is indeed s'Il vous plaît :thumbs_up: But yeah french is a pretty complex language compared to english. I find myself thinking in english :ph34r: :rofl:

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