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  1. 2017 Maxim's Hot 100 World's Sexiest Woman (LQ).
  2. "Madame Figaro" Magazine May 2017.
  3. Galore Magazine April 2016 Ellen von Unwerth Photos.
  4. 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards Miami April 27th 2017 (MQ).
  5. Marie Claire Celebrates Fresh Faces Los Angeles April 21st 2017.
  6. Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book Collection Gala New York City April 21st 2017.
  7. Manchester April 13th 2017.
  8. Born in New Orleans Louisiana June 10th 1990. Growing up in New York City, Tristin was with the Ford Modeling Agency where she quickly became one of the top child models in the country. She would later land several national commercials such as Kraft Cheese, Play Skool Kool- Aid, Sunkist, ROSS, McDonald's and Hershey's. Tristin was also in several Broadway productions. ''Unforgettable'' Premiere Los Angeles April 18th 2017.
  9. "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" New York City April 17th 2017.
  10. Easter Service With other members of the Royal Family Windsor April 16th 2017 (HQ'S).
  11. Attending Easter Services Los Angeles April 16th 2017 (HQ'S).
  12. AOL Build Interview New York City April 10th 2017.
  13. AOL Build New York City April 10th 2017.
  14. Wondercon Los Angeles March 26th 2017.
  15. "Going In Style" Premiere New York City March 30th 2017. Pretty Good For a 75 year old.