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  1. They need to get her out of Pink again. I don't know what they were thinking putting her back in that segment last year when she could clearly handle her own in 2013.
  2. "Nice @victoriassecret ! You hire Kendall and Gigi to get some more fans to ride your dick! "Hmm lets hire 2 of the biggest it girls right now to get more ratings, then, when both girls become irrelevant, we'll drop em!"" "Really? Y'all end douten's contract and you hire Kendall and Gigi? Kendall's there because of her fucking family.. How hard is it to understand? it's blatantly obvious ? Kendall's family, got her, to where she is today. Obviously. Gigi's okay, I just like how she has an ACTUAL bikini model model and she's not a twig like the others. Also your brand, @victoriassecret, went downhill since you starting hiring twigs. Your brand used to represent GROWN WOMEN of all shapes and sizes, now it's skinny teens and 20 year olds, please for the sake of your company, let go of @kendalljenner." "Rihanna did the right choice. Jourdan has more talent than your white instagram brainless stars. It was for business right ? If Gigi and Kendall are the newest angels it will bring you some fans right ? Like HM x BALMAIN did, right ? Well congratulations you got a whole bunch of dick riders in your audience. [email protected]" "Phuck yo Bullshit-Victoria's Secret show. Gigi and Kendall deserve it more than Jourdan ? Get your fucking facts right #JourdanIsBetter. I'm glad Rihanna cancelled her performance, you only got Gigi and Kendall's dick riders now. Victoria's Secret show CANCELLED." "@victoriassecret Replacing real model Jourdan Dunn with second rate models due to family connections? Not cool at all. This is probably why Rihanna dropped out of your show. Your "brand" is a joke. Soma it's so much better."
  3. Back to the FB I go! "anyone but @LilyAldridge I don't like her at all and she doesn't even know how to walk. Though the new design is as ugly as her." Tell us how you really feel!
  4. I'm not going to comment on Kendull; no sense beating a dead horse anymore. I'm just here for Kate outwalking all these newbies and getting minimal screen time.
  5. "No bra is worth $2million. There aren't even breasts worth $2 million." What's the going rate of an angel contract again?
  6. "I love Vs but those look like tarantula legs coming off it " "wtf? what about getting back doutzen and give that bra to her! right now!!"
  7. "Very stupid. What are those moves? You are wearing a Fantasy Bra! Get your shit together!! @lilyaldridge" "And this is how you present something that worth 2 million? SERIOUSLY?"
  8. I thought Ed's chip post was going to be about how salty people are getting. I was highly disappointed. In other news, "Where r the boobs?" "Oh no she looks like a stupid firework hahah" "When the hell would you ever wear this" "not [email protected] is dead"
  9. Some gems from Facebook: "its really saaaaaaaaaaaaddd and mad behati the one who should be won the fantasy bra im not going waht the vs show this year u guys are going nuts" "C'mon! What the hell?! Lily?! What about Behati?????? She deserve it way more...... I dont understand what happened with VS in the last year! " And my absolute personal favorite, "Maybe should have spend more money on making your bras good instead! Worn your VS wireless bra and it got torn up front just within a week of using. I didn't get to return it as I don't even know what is you return policy. MAKE BETTER BRAS! Can't even wear the new one, and right now it's just sitting it my closet."
  10. Leila Nda is in. https://instagram.com/p/9e8QR7uCwj/?taken-by=ndaleila
  11. Jo confirmed herself finally. Not like we didn't already know.
  12. Devon's in. https://instagram.com/p/9ew_nRxr5H/
  13. VITA IS IN. I REPEAT VITA IS IN. https://instagram.com/p/9etauug72A/
  14. Maria Borges is in. https://instagram.com/p/9esNb4i-bj/
  15. Pauline Hoarau is in. https://instagram.com/p/9eo9fsEqzS/
  16. Best news so far! Now I hope she makes it in. They would be crazy not to take her, though you never know with VS. This reminds me of the Anna J inclusion in 2009, out of nowhere and especially after all these years. I wonder if she ended/altered her contract with Ralph Lauren, she didn't walk that last runway Pretty sure her contract ended after the FW2014 show. She didn't do the SS2015 campaign. I would love to see her in the show! She's absolutely flawless and her walk is so good.
  17. And guys. Sup girl is just my favorite saying du jour. Anyways! Hi, I'm Rachelle. I'm new here. I'm awful at introducing myself but pleased to meet you all!
  18. Watch someone think it was Kate Moss and the story blows up.
  19. I'm starting to doubt she's doing any work in NYC besides the show last night and fittings for VSFS.
  20. She is doing marvelous things to that Gucci gown.
  21. No Maud please. I don't get what they see in her besides fitting a certain look (the Alice in Wonderland doll look from 2012 and last year as Iggy? I think?) I'd love to see Andreea Diaconu there but I think that ship has sailed.
  22. That is definitely Behati on the picture, wearing a Very Sexy lace bra. Maybe its just a promo for the very sexy line and they're doing it in Vegas?
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