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  1. Same to be honest... oh gosh.
  2. I can't even see it, I'm so sorry Hahahaha, indeed! I can't stop staring at his pics oh my gosh
  3. Oh my god yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! Thank you so much darling!
  4. Oh my gosh, I literally LOVE YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Also, if you know where this GIF comes from, I will totally LOVE YOU FOREVER! I think it's from TOM TAILOR aswell but can't find the video ;___;
  5. Ooooh thank you!! I can't find the video, could you please link it to me? Thanks!!
  6. Aaaaah, thank you so much for this topic! Also, do you know from which video does this GIF come from? Thanks on advance!
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