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  1. Nobody knows who he is? He's the closest a 10/10 I've seen. Most men have many more facial flaws, including pretty much all the male models I've seen.
  2. There's a discussion on Reddit about how good looking men can get away with anything in online dating. There's a Tinder experiment where they've used this guy. But who is he? I have searched the Reddit thread without coming up with a name.
  3. I'd like to know! Preferably through a cup like this again. I think most men look plain, and I've never seen a flawless man before.
  4. He looks good, but I don't find him really good looking. Seems like he's got diastema, or a tiny gap between the front teeth if you will. His midface also looks a little long.
  5. Here another picture. Not sure if it's in the same style as Cohen, though.
  6. I am totally green on this, and I wonder, what does these outfits consist of. Coat and a three-piece, or ... ? If there is a specific name for this style, I'd love to know. Leonard Cohen
  7. *dirty blonde, or perhaps brown, but, wonder who that is.
  8. The man in the first pictute, who is he? I think it's a Jack & Jones commercial.
  9. Who is that guy in the header of this website, the one in black and white?
  10. Tyler Hoechlin (8) Grey Damon (8) Jeremy Irvine (7) Taylor Kinney (6) Eddie Cibrian (8) Eddie Cahill (7)'
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