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  1. His name is Trevor Bell.
  2. Couldn’t find a single piece of information of his name. Tried to search the image too, and found nothing. Hopefully someone here will know his name! Thank you for the help!
  3. I was able to find his name (I believe). It’s Oliver John Dale/Oliver Dale, from AMCK Models. Not sure if he’s still represented by them. Hanna Smiles is the photographer of him in this picture.
  4. Tried to find his name by searching for his image on google, but couldn’t find anything. Maybe someone on here can help with that.🤗
  5. I’m not sure if he is a model or possible an actor, but couldn’t find any information on him. Hope someone on here knows his name. Sorry for the photos aren’t the best quality. Thanks to all that help!🤗🤗😊😌☺️ I should also add that he appears in the first episode of the show, which is streaming on Netflix (at least for the US).
  6. Curious if anyone knows his name. Tried to find it with google and couldn't find anything. Thanks for the help!?
  7. The actor or model is on the cover of the video game, Call of Duty Adanced Warfare, along with the game cover of Havoc (apart of the Call of Duty series). I've been trying to find his name but I've come up with nothing. Can y'all possible help me?
  8. Found his name! The model's name is Justin Hopwood [for those that are wondering]. Thanks for those that were going to help!
  9. Saw his photo on Facebook but couldn't find a name. Any ideas on who he is? Thanks for the help!
  10. lilant414

    Who's this?

    I'm also curious as to who that is. So, bump.
  11. Well, that was QUICK. Thank you Nar! I'll be sure to check the link. Thanks again!
  12. Came across these photos and there was no information of his name. Thanks for the help!
  13. I've come across this video on youtube. When I saw the video, I fell in love with it. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody could tell me the name of the dancers or possible direct me to the original video. It was of course cut short becuase of the lenght of the song. I'm unsure where to post this, given there's a male and a female and I'm wondering about both of their names. Anyway, thanks for any help that is given!
  14. Wonder if anybody can name the model in the pictures that are posted? Thanks in advance!
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