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  1. Maybe you should ask more people from Latin America about that. Vogue Mexico, Chile and Argentina 2001 all of them for the same month December and the same text.
  2. Here are some issues Vogue Mexico September 2003 and Vogue Peru September 2003
  3. The same thing applies to other magazines like Cosmo Cosmo Chile and Peru are the same.
  4. I am from Latin America and the things is that only Brasil and Mexico have their own magazine editions due to Brasil is the only country that has a different language Vogue Mexico is sell in most countries of Latin America. I think the put different names of countries to sell more. It is the same thing that happens to Vogue Latin America now they feauture some pictures of some parties each country had and they interview some designers and the rest is the same. I have and old issue from 2003 and the editor in chief was Ana Hughes-Freund if each country from Latin America had a Vogue edition the
  5. Vogue Mexico was called before Vogue en Español and Vogue Argentina and Chile are the same I dont count them if you see the cover the text is always the same if they were different they would have other text. I also have some covers that say Vogue Venezuela and Vogue Peru. My official count with her new Vogue Japan cover is 124 Vogue covers.
  6. Im not sure. doesnt look like her to me, do you have the magazine?
  7. Who is the photographer and what is the date of her Vogue Australia cover?
  8. Vogue Deutsch November 2008, by Vincent Peters.
  9. Does someone have this covers in better quality Vogue Korea March 1997 Vogue Korea September 1998 Vogue Australia October 1999 Vogue Hellas September 2002
  10. Hi I wonder if you have the fallowing covers; Kristy Hinze covers from Vogue Australia 1995 and 1997 also Vogue Australia june 1998 with Esther Cañadas and Vogue Australia September 1999 with Carolyn Murphy

  11. She has only 10 covers you are missing vogue hellas november 2003
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