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  1. @Cult Icon I'm sure it is. I reminisce old times walking past the stores, looking at the iconic images of angels by the windows. Are Bellazon folks watching savage X fenty? The line is definitely a success from sales figures. From a male perspective, I don't find it interesting at all. Surely, diversity is respected but nothing memorable especially when the edits only show computed seconds of each walk.
  2. Even for a guy who has some fashion knowledge, I still don't quite get why VS landed in the state it is today. The video provided some insights on how they failed to capture key trends and subsequently fall into cancel culture. The Angels were all remarkable and upright in the sense, they were good role models and represented the company well. I don't recall anyone of the Angels being in the spotlight for bad press except for Stella Maxwell - ahem Miley & Kristen. That PDA was way too wild.
  3. Ruby did referenced lily for a tiny bit in this. The Aldridges got great cheekbones and Ruby is such a killer on the runway. Strong Walker. Would love to see them both in the same show.
  4. The new bvlgari campaign is looking 🔥
  5. https://www.newbeauty.com/lily-aldridge-skin-care/ Interesting she has invested in the business. Bvlgari ads in China mall.
  6. My condolences. Betty Ann has been a big part of KOL and their fans know her by the years and some have even interacted with her. All of us on this thread are deeply saddened and our thoughts are will the Followill's.
  7. 242014290_850702612235577_2041152058344860988_n.mp4 241960597_567254007931886_4128799946021797269_n.mp4 241880594_1280400132408213_8652528966476641352_n.mp4 241866449_667792694384931_2060018180405261680_n.mp4
  8. Thank you @MrFox for the pics!
  9. It's interesting that she was invited several times by Ralph Lauren. The only time when she was invited by the Anna and the vogue team was during her first appearance in 2010 and 2019. Meaning the vogue team would decide and pair her with a designer of their choice thus Richard Quinn in 2019. She looked great here. How is the vogue team going to shoot an invite if she brings nothing to this carpet? It's a wasted opportunity.
  10. This is probably the worst Met look of all time for Lil. Underwhelming for what she can deliver. She has changed stylists at least 5 times now, it's prob time to move on. I wouldn't be shocked if she didn't get an invite next year. She can do so much better. First few were just 2 months back.
  11. The last one was too safe, all it did was to feature several pieces of high jewellery necklaces from bvlgari. I hope she knocks it out of the park. Especially it's her Tenth met.
  12. Ecstatic it's her tenth MET, to be able to attend for a decade is one of the biggest honour for any model. She's with Ralph Lauren, am not expecting a standout dress but thankfully she has Bvlgari to account for the Jewels.
  13. 1631291353054.mp4 [email protected]& Bvlgari says she's the muse. Her presence is dynamic 🔥💎
  14. Thanks @davis @Shepherd The white dress looks phenomenal on lily and @BAGGOTyou right. Let's hope she walks some shows before the met gala!
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