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  1. Some Titanic trivia I didn't know until yet (I'm thirsty about that kind of stuff. I don't think there is another movie with more parallels and little background stories than Titanic - one of the reasons I think this movie is highly underrated). Fang Lang appears as a possible cameo in Titanic (1997), portrayed by Van Ling. He appears in some third-class scenes. During the sinking, Fang Lang, Jack, Rose, Fabrizio, Tommy and some third-class passengers broke one of the gates so they could go to the upper deck. He still remains on the ship until the end, but survived because he climbed onto a door and waited until 5th Officer Lowe pulled him into Lifeboat 14. (Titanic Wiki | Fandom) Lang was one of the only eight Chinese passengers aboard the Titanic. Out of the eight, six survived, five boarding lifeboats, and Lang being rescued from the water when Lowe went back to look for survivors. Since all were third class and likely had limited English, the odds were already stacked against them. However, not knowing English combined with their skills as sailors might have actually given them the advantage, as they were quick to evacuate when the stewards were telling third class to stay in their rooms. After Lang was rescued from the freezing cold water (which was featured in one of the deleted scenes from the movie), he tirelessly rowed till they were picked up by the Carpathia. He was praised for his effort and bravery that night. Unfortunately, even after everything, the six arrived in the US only to be deported due to the Chinese Exclusion Act, which prohibited Chinese people from working in the country. However, Lang was eventually able to return to the US. They were also disgraced in their own country for surviving when so many had died. Part of this may have been the fault of J. Bruce Ismay, who ended up in a lifeboat with four of these men. In an attempt to save his reputation of being labelled a coward, he said these men had snuck in and were hiding inbetween the seats. Yet, records show that there was a guard for that boat, preventing people from sneaking in, and squatting in that fashion was actually common practice for Chinese workers. They likely were allowed free access to that boat. Documentary filmmaker Arthur Jones created the film โ€œThe Sixโ€ [released in 2020], finally clearing up any misconceptions about the surviving Chinese passengers, whose names had been sullied for over a century. (Nuala Gathercole Lam- Sixth Tone) Source Pretty interesting documentary (especially the lifeboat test and how the movie affected the lifes from relatives of the victims - not only in a positive way): You can stream it on disney+ too ....
  2. I'm not really a fan of Bradley Cooper (as an actor), but I really loved "A Star Is Born" Every time I watch the movie I remember when Leo and Beyonce were attached to the project with Clint Eastwood to direct. Hard to picture, especially when it comes to all those singing scenes for the male part I always wondered how Leo would have managed that... Speaking of this Source But honestly seeing Leo in such a part (sexy, troubled rockstar falling deeply in love) is like a secret, wet fantasy ๐Ÿ˜ Source
  3. Thanks all for sharing latest news, pics and clips Personally I do everything for not showing up in social media. And I'm far away from being that interesting But I would be pissed if anyone would violates my privacy without permission especially when my attitude about it is well known. It's a matter of trust and respect in my eyes. I mean it's ok to film such a great moment but why to share it with the whole world? Never got this thirst of attention. But aside from this I think for most people nowadays it's normal to post private stuff all the time without even re-thinking about other persons privacy. What do you guys think how does Leo become aware of such (private) clips or photos? By himself, friends? Or does he has a special team for checking his name on social media daily? lol
  4. This is very much likely Or maybe my memory is wrong. When Leo was in the german game show "Wetten, dass..." back in 2003 (with Tom Hanks and Spielberg) he was asked -more or less- what he is more focused: to have kids or to win an oscar? Well you all can imagine what his answer was... lol Personally I always had the feeling his career was the most important thing to him, but lately I'm not sure if that is still the case. I mean I'm sure he still cares about making good movies but yeah in most interviews and premieres for OUATIH he looked kinda exhausted. To be honest I skipped most of the interviews because it was kinda painful to watch ๐Ÿ™ˆ ... what do you guys think?
  5. Most of the time he looks just super tired and/or bored to me. Not even with Cami but I had this feeling while most of the promo for OUATIH About his relationship with Cami: I kinda like her (she seems cute and omg she's drop dead gorgeous) but I don't think Leo will marry her. I remember his very young doubting self said once in an interview before he's getting married he has to be with that woman 10-20 years. Some years later he admitted -while dating Bar- to not having met his one true love so far, otherwise he would've been already a married man (always wondered if Bar read this interview LMAO). Never was a big fan of her but ouch! It was really nice to see him letting his troubled ass go while his fling with Rihanna. For me it was a little sign that he's still willing to take some risk beside his usual dating habits which I'm pretty sure are giving him not only some nice company/sex, safety and control but no expectations, worries or deep efforts. And if he prefer this kind of relationship(s) in his life why not? Personally I don't see anything wrong with that. I bet Cami has the time of her life right now and I'm pretty sure both of them know what this relationship mean for them (like all the other models knew before). I don't believe for a second Leo ever manipulated any of them in any way. But IF he will be ever serious about a woman (and that's a big if) I think it won't be a (too) young model and he will be married head over heals (and/or having kids) without re-thinking everything like I'm pretty sure he does every fuck!ng time he's dating a woman Or maybe I read just too many love stories LOL
  6. Some years ago I saw a -I think german- documentary about Leo and in this doc his "relationship" with Kate Moss and the feud with Depp about it was one of the topics - and yes they had some sort of timeline and more pics than the ones we probably all know: I don't remember every detail of the story (nor if everything is true) but in that doc they told Depp was very disappointed in Leos behaviour because they were kinda friends and than he banged more or less his ex... something like this. I remember when I saw the doc I was like ok maybe it wasn't just a rumor about those two LOL My 2nd thought was what else we don't know about Leo? Must be an endless list.
  7. ^Every 2nd man -if not more- would live Leos (love) life if they had the opportunity, so please world, don't lie to yourself The strongest male looks for the most fertile female that's simple biology or just basic instinct for my sake. I mean why can men produce children like forever but women don't? Biologically men and women aren't compatible in long terms let's just being honest. Not saying that's a great or romantic move from nature (or god or whoever) but that's it. In our society it's simply a question of character what you made of it. As a man probably more than a woman because he has literally the power. This always was and will be the main problem between men and women I guess.
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