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  1. Photographer: Alexandra Valenti (http://www.alexandravalenti.com) Makeup Artist: Erin Lee Smith Pictures from Erin Lee Smith website (http://www.erinleesmith.com/#/alyssa-miller/)
  2. For Leonisa (I want those pictures so badly D:)
  3. Beautiful! Thank you fot this <3
  4. Ana looks beautiful, but i think they have chosen the wrong color for her... Mckenna, on the other hand, looks fantastic. Great "swimsuit", great color, amazing poses
  5. Nina made out with DiCaprio for nothing...
  6. Maybe Nina has decided to quit after having her cover stolen by Kate Upton
  7. I really like Kate, but SI needs to get over her...
  8. Poor Hannah Ferguson... At leats her pictures aren't as bad as Mia Kang's
  9. Understate Leather - What Would Dolly Do (2/2) Spoiler: Nipples
  10. Understand Leather - What Would Dolly Do (1/2) Font: http://www.understatedleather.com/pages/what-would-dolly-do
  11. I wish I could fire all of these people
  12. VS People are soolll freaking DUMB. Like, they are in f*** paris. They could do a segment with Marie Antoinette inspired lingerie... Something like this: It would be awesome And 'justify' Paris as well. I am so tired of this people
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