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  1. I'm totally agree, political correctness will screw us all at the end. That end will be the same of the film "Idiocracy".
  2. Many models are really ugly, incredibly ugly, but they are treated as flawless beauties, in the other hand, the meager number of real beauties are uglified by shaving eyebrows, maked up like men, and other so-called artistic styles. Maybe only a psychiatrist can explain it.
  3. That's too much real science to a pseudoscientific fan.
  4. Uglification of beautiful models and choosing very ugly models is an unexplainable habit of these so-called artists, thus we have really ugly supermodels and quite beautiful underrated models.
  5. What's the point to uglify her? A special artistic taste inaccessible to the common mortals?
  6. No, because it's in her nipple.
  7. She urgently needs a psychiatrist.
  8. Orange drape, mustard clothes, eyes that appear to be having an allergic reaction, all seems point to disfigure her beauty. Why? It's the million dollar question.
  9. Her name is Shiran Betzalel.
  10. HEIGHT: 170CM - 5' 7" BUST: 32 CUP: C WAIST: 61CM - 24" HIPS: 86CM - 34" DRESS: USA: 2, EUR: 30 SHOES: 7.5 EYES: BLUE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaylajeangarvin/ Malai 2017
  11. height:5 ft 7 in (67 in) bust:32 in. waist:25 in. hip:33 in. dress:0-2 shoe:6 hair:brown eyes:brown (AKA Lizann Lieta)
  12. {name}

    Shein model

    In the site www.shein.com, this model is only identified as "Mary", and no more. Someone knows her?
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