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  1. Emily Cris (prefer Julia, but not as an angel) Gracie Sui Katsia
  2. Taylor - 10 Vanessa wings 8 look 6.5
  3. Also, they way they lay/sit on inanimate objects never looks particularly comfortable. I’d bruise too
  4. Sanne wings 3 look 5 Sui He wings 3 look 2
  5. Megan wings 8 look 6 - the sheet around her looks silly Romee wings 4 look - 7.5
  6. Jourdana wings 8 look 6 Lais wings 8 look 9
  7. Blanca wings 8 overall 8 Dilone - 7
  8. Barbara wings 2 overall 5.5 Bella 6
  9. I noticed a lot of the IG comments were about the jacket too. The price would have , no doubt, been crazy!
  10. The only reason they pulled Georgia I’m guessing is because she was in a “commercial” promoting the show from last years footage. At least they put the not confirmed disclaimer
  11. I finally went to our local store and looked today after work, and there was actually quite a bit of stuff left. I guess people in boring old Oklahoma aren’t too excited about the punk thing. The collection itself was OK, but not necessarily worth the price. I didn’t buy anything.
  12. Can we move on and hate someone else now? The bandwagon Josephine hate is getting boring. Has anyone Speculated on where next year show will be?
  13. I can maybe see someone paying that for them when they’re a bit more “rare” and not everyone is trying to sell. So with that said, do you all think the collaborations with other designers will continue?
  14. If I knew I could make some money, eBay sounds like a good idea I honestly assumed people who bought online would do it.
  15. Pretty much what I figured, my sister in law was interested in a couple of pieces, but I just don’t see paying so much for the usual stuff. Plus I don’t want to go to the mall. Thanks!
  16. Did anyone check out the balmain pieces in store at all? @PinkCouture @toodarnhot Because I know you girls shop there
  17. 33 The opening Shanghai intro was the only way you’d know they were in another country just by watching the show. The editing is what always causes the biggest issue. I think most people would look at it differently if not for that aspect of it. A lot of the outfits were decent minus maybe some of the accessorizing choices made.
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