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  1. Back for FHM and various pics. Warning : High Voltage http://img160.imagevenue.com/img.php?image...5_123_158lo.jpg
  2. You should hear Tattoo by Éric Lapointe (in french). The song is about Tattoo and love, almost on sex but not hard.
  3. Great_Eye

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    Tattoo - Éric Lapointe
  4. Back to the GM Style 2007
  5. I put this when it's day. And at night : As you can see, I'm a BFME 2 player (not on this CPU) and I love Carmen Electra. I love her since she is in Scary Movie 1 (I saw the movie at 2002). I'll be honest, I'm a teen and it's my birthday at March 31st. I'll be 18 years old.
  6. The Rise of the Witch-King (Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Expansion Pack) and Metroid Prime Hunters (on a french forum about video games, I'm the best Noxus)
  7. Great_Eye


    GO HABS GO! GO HABS GO! Montreal Canadiens.
  8. The Green Mile when it's time to John Coffee to be executed. I didn't cry, but it's really sad when we finally know he wasn't guilty.
  9. Bon Cop, Bad Cop. A Quebec-Ontario movie. 50% in french and the other 50% in english. Patrick Huard is the Bad Cop (He does his own laws) and Colm Feore is the Bon Cop (he apply all laws). Did you know Colm Feore can speak french? Just watch the movie (if you're Canadian or Quebecer).
  10. Bon Cop, Bad Cop Elvis Gratton 2 Lord of the Rings : the Return of the King (Extended Version)
  11. Hey. I'm from Québec but I can speak english. If someone will say I'm not welcome, I'll say J'men câlisse. J'men câlisse is I don't give a shit. I'll try to write better in english. If I speak french at some moments, it's because I'm so impressed by something. Example : Ayoye osti. It's really beautiful. Osti de calisse ca a pas de criss d'allure : Unbelievable. Anyway, I'm not a teacher. Maybe I'll speak french but I'll translate my opinions. Just tell me Alex or Gollum (I'm like him, isn't, precious? Yes, you are.)
  12. Carmen Electra Here's my first post.
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